A Bear Called Paddington: Deluxe Edition with full colour illustrations

A Bear Called Paddington: Deluxe Edition with full colour illustrations

Michael Bond

Language: English

Pages: 55

ISBN: 2:00331844

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The classic novel about Paddington—who's now a major movie star!

Paddington Bear had traveled all the way from Peru when the Browns first met him in Paddington Station. Since then, their lives have never been quite the same... for ordinary things become extraordinary when a bear called Paddington is involved.

First published in 1958, A Bear Called Paddington is the first novel by Michael Bond, chronicling the adventures of this lovable bear. Paddington has charmed readers for generations with his earnest good intentions and humorous misadventures. This brand-new edition of the classic novel contains the original text by Michael Bond and illustrations by Peggy Fortnum.

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“Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” said the inspector, ominously. “Not in court! Persons are expected to abide by the regulations. It says so.” “In court!” Mrs Brown passed a hand nervously over her forehead. The word court always upset her. She had visions of Paddington being taken away in handcuffs and being cross-examined and all sorts of awful things. Judy took hold of Paddington’s paw and squeezed it reassuringly. Paddington looked up gratefully. He wasn’t at all sure what they were

suitcase. The woman behind the counter turned quite nasty when Paddington asked for his things back. She was still talking about it in a loud voice as the attendant led them along a passage towards their seats. At the entrance to the box the attendant paused. “Programme, sir?” she said to Paddington. “Yes, please,” said Paddington, taking five. “Thank you very much.” “And would you like coffee in the interval, sir?” she asked. Paddington’s eyes glistened. “Oh, yes, please,” he said,

they had explained all about sand to Paddington they were in Brightsea itself, and driving along the front. Paddington looked at the sea rather doubtfully. The waves were much bigger than he had imagined. Not so big as the ones he’d seen on his journey to England, but quite large enough for a small bear. Mr Brown stopped the car by a shop on the esplanade and took out some money. “I’d like to fit this bear out for a day at the seaside,” he said to the lady behind the counter. “Let’s see now, we

with the wand. “Oh!” said Mr Gruber, rubbing the side of his head. “I felt something go pop in my ear just then. Something cold and hard.” He felt in his ear. “Why I do believe…” He held up a shining round object to the audience. “It’s a sovereign! My birthday present for Paddington! Now I wonder how it got in there?” “Oooh!” said Paddington, as he proudly examined it. “I didn’t expect that. Thank you very much, Mr Gruber.” “Well,” said Mr Gruber. “It’s only a small present I’m afraid, Mr

truthful bear. And then he added, perhaps not quite so truthfully, “I wonder where it’s coming from?” “If I were you,” whispered Judy, as they walked along the road towards the tube station, “I should be more careful in future when you pack your suitcase!” Paddington looked down. A large piece of bacon stuck out of the side of his case and was trailing on the pavement. “Shoo!” cried Mrs Brown as a grubby-looking dog came bounding across the road. Paddington waved his suitcase. “Go away, dog,”

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