Addison Addley and the Things That Aren't There

Addison Addley and the Things That Aren't There

Melody DeFields McMillan

Language: English

Pages: 33

ISBN: 1551439492

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Addison Addley hates math. He hates public speaking too. Actually, he hates anything that involves work, but he only has a couple of weeks to write and memorize his grade five speech. The problem is, he can't think of a single topic. When he finally comes up with an excellent idea for a speech, it almost writes itself, but it's his poor math skills that make speech day unforgettable.

Grade Level: 3 and up

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of the classroom. Everyone was quiet. They just stared at me, waiting for something. Then I remembered they were waiting for me to speak. I coughed. I blinked. I started my speech. Chapter Thirteen “Miss Steane, honorable judges, and fellow classmates, do you ever wonder if something is really there?” I coughed again. I blinked again. The class waited. They waited some more. I heard someone blow his nose. I couldn’t remember a thing. My mind was suddenly as empty as a black hole. The

times three is three half cups or one-and-a-half cups. It’s not three-and-a-half cups. You put in far too much soy milk.” Did I mention that I can’t multiply very well? Especially fractions? Sometimes those pesky numbers just get mixed up. Like I said before, fractions sometimes have a disgusting way of catching up to you. I couldn’t think of anything more disgusting than what had come out of Tiffany’s mouth. Miss Steane was frowning. “That doesn’t explain why the punch was so dark or why it

think I’ll give her the recipe for my organic fruit punch at the next meeting. I bet she’d really enjoy that.” I coughed up my peppermint tea. “Yeah, well, you might want to hold off on that,” I said. Mom still didn’t know about the punch disaster. No use getting her upset or anything. She’d just been elected to the treasurer position. It had been a close call, five votes to four. I wondered which way good old Mrs. Wilson had voted. I’d made her daughter sick, but then again I’d made her

wormholes. Like I said before, you’ve got to have an open mind about these things. Or at least half of one. Melody DeFields McMillan grew up in the countryside in southwestern Ontario and now lives in Simcoe, not far from where she grew up. As well as being a writer, she is a teacher and the mother of a daughter and a son. When she isn’t writing, she is enjoying nature. Feather Brain Maureen Bush 978-1-55143-877-1 $7.95 • 136 pp Ten Thumb Sam Rachel Dunstan Muller

Miss Steane explained firmly in her teacher voice. Miss Steane was great. Sometimes she used a normal human voice and sometimes a teacher voice. She was really talented. She always seemed to know what we were going to say even before we said it. I guess I’ve told her too many times that the dog ate my homework because by now she knows I don’t even have a dog, and she won’t let me finish my excuse. I’ll have to come up with a different one, like the squirrels used my homework pages to build their

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