Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #4: Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild!

Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #4: Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild!

Herman Parish

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0062095064

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Amelia Bedelia, America's favorite housekeeper, had a childhood full of surprises, mischief, and hilarious misunderstandings. In this illustrated chapter book adventure, just right for fans of Judy Moody and Ivy + Bean, young Amelia Bedelia and her friends build a zoo in the backyard (complete with stuffed animals and attractions) and offer safari adventures to the entire neighborhood. This is the fourth book in the nationally bestselling Amelia Bedelia chapter book series, and it is just right for newly independent readers ready for a more challenging vocabulary and books with chapters.

Amelia Bedelia takes everything literally, and that leads to all kinds of silly misunderstandings. The bestselling and beloved housekeeper has been making readers laugh for more than fifty years. Amelia Bedelia has a warm and positive attitude, and she has fun with language, vocabulary, and idioms. The Amelia Bedelia chapter books feature short, easy-to-read chapters, illustrations throughout, and Amelia Bedelia's can-do spirit. This is the fourth book in the chapter book series featuring the childhood of America's favorite housekeeper. The first book is called Amelia Bedelia Means Business, the second book is Amelia Bedelia Unleashed, and the third book is called Amelia Bedelia Road Trip!—and you don't have to read them in series order to enjoy them.

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underneath the swing.” “Perfect,” said Skip. Then he yelled like an ape-man. “Ahhh-y-ahhh-yeeeeh-ohhhh!!!” Amelia Bedelia’s mother ran outside carrying a first-aid kit. “Who got hurt? Where’s the patient?” Skip was embarrassed to say that he had yelled just for fun. Amelia Bedelia was embarrassed that her mom was acting like she worked in the emergency room. “Mom,” she said, “no one is hurt. And no one is going to get hurt!” A few minutes later, Angel was dropped off by her babysitter.

She was carrying a really big cage. She set it down on the patio and whipped off the cloth covering. “Whoa!” said Clay. “Is that a python?” “Yup,” said Angel. “It’s a ball python. Her name is Squeezer.” Amelia Bedelia couldn’t believe that Angel actually had a snake for a pet! As Squeezer coiled and uncoiled and slithered around the cage, Angel explained how she cared for her. “She only moves around when she’s hungry,” she said. “And she’s nocturnal. That means she’s active at night and mostly

long ago. Then she remembered that last year, Roger had brought a beautiful lizard for show-and-tell. It was green with gold spots and bright blue lines around its eyelids. Amelia Bedelia made sure that Mrs. Shauk wasn’t looking and wrote Roger a note. She folded the note into a tiny square, wrote “Roger” on the outside, and passed it to Penny . . . just as Mrs. Shauk looked up. “Beep!” Very quietly and very carefully, the note was passed from student to student until it reached Roger.

give those lamb chops a second thought. If she had, she would have realized they were baaaaaaa-d news. That evening, after she had eaten dinner and finished all of her homework, Amelia Bedelia grabbed her three bananas and went out to the backyard. Her brain hurt from too much thinking. She still couldn’t hear herself think, but she could definitely feel it. She was thinking like Amelia Bedelia and trying to think like a monkey at the same time. If I were a monkey, she thought, what would I

Amelia Bedelia’s mother clapped her hand to her mouth and snorted. “Amelia Bedelia,” she said, trying not to laugh, “you don’t have any more animals up your sleeve, do you?” “See for yourselves,” said Amelia Bedelia, rolling up both of her sleeves. “Empty!” Now her father was trying not to laugh. But he managed to say, “No more surprise animals, young lady!” in his firmest I’m-really-not-kidding-this-time voice. “Cross my heart,” said Amelia Bedelia, tracing a giant X on her chest.

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