Amy Winehouse: The Biography 1983-2011

Amy Winehouse: The Biography 1983-2011

Chas Newkey-Burden

Language: English

Pages: 100


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A detailed biography that pays tribute to the award-winning singer whose turbulent life and untimely death have captivated the world
An indisputable musical icon and controversial celebrity figure, Amy Winehouse's unique blend of jazz, pop, and soul singing and songwriting brought her a host of awards—including two prestigious Ivor Novellos and five Grammys—as well as an army of committed fans who adored her rich voice and painfully honest lyrics. Never far from the headlines, stories about her tumultuous personal life and controversial drug abuse made her a daily fixture in the tabloids and a fascination of celebrity magazines, yet she also held the respect of many serious musicians. This biography traces the turbulent life of the tattooed wonder from her childhood pranks and stage school through early music and the global legend she will be remembered as.


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splash. Chapter Three SIMON SAYS By this stage, Amy was singing regularly with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. While performing with the orchestra, she was spotted by some very well-connected people. One of the people they were associated with was a certain Simon Fuller. Fuller has been described in many different ways, some of them hysterically complimentary, some of them wildly derogatory. Born on 17 May 1960, Fuller has become perhaps the most important figure in the

artists have increasingly ruled the roost. A San Francisco Chronicle journalist, Mark Morford, says, ‘She should be allowed to march right onto the American Idol stage and slap each and every singer upside the head with her huge hair and her wicked sexy tattoos and her mountain of raw British talent, just because. All part of our national rehab, really.’ He concluded, ‘I think this could be our perfect American model. I think we have the potential.’ Amy is unrepentant about the honest nature of

stress over Blake’s imprisonment. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell her to pull out if I feared she was in danger. I don’t want Amy destroying herself. But I think she will get by and come through what is a terribly lonely time for her right now.’ She also blamed Blake for Amy’s woes, saying, ‘Everyone else can see it, but Amy chooses not to. I think he introduced her to them [drugs] and now she thinks, “Oh, this is good, this is OK.” I think she’s still a child. Personally, I think it’s overtaken her

nicotine, Valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol. We could hang out on Friday, but then there’s the…’ And then he burst into the song’s refrain, loudly shouting, ‘C-c-c-c-c-cocaine!’ By now, the press were flocking to Amy’s concerts in the hope of further drama or disaster. The best they could do with her next leg of the tour gave the phrase ‘scraping the bottom of the barrel’ a whole new resonance. They revealed that Amy – shock, horror and hold that front page – caught a taxi home

Theatre School was originally established in 1981 on Drury Lane. It moved to Marylebone in 1983. Such has been the success of the school that Young herself was given an OBE in 2005. However, it has also been the subject of controversy, with actress Billie Piper claiming in her autobiography that students were encouraged to become ‘lighter, smaller and thinner’ and that eating disorders among the students were often ignored by teachers. Fellow Sylvia Young graduate Denise Van Outen was outraged

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