Animal Magic: My Journey to Save Thousands of Animals

Animal Magic: My Journey to Save Thousands of Animals

Carolyn Press-McKenzie

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 187750548X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This charming, warm, and touching memoir from inspirational animal whisperer Carolyn Press-McKenzie is written in a style reminiscent of a modern-day James Herriot. Heart-warming, funny, and moving, this is the inspirational story of one woman's work with animals, first training them for film-work, and then developing a sanctuary for abandoned animals and rescuing them. Carolyn Press-McKenzie runs an organization called HUHA "Helping You Help Animals," as well as two animal sanctuaries, and she has lots of warm, funny, and sad stories to tell. This memoir tells her story, and is interwoven with heart-warming stories of animals she has rescued, trained, and loved. She writes with a lovely gentle sense of humor and perfectly pitched comic timing. It's a charming mix of one woman's drive to follow her passion, along with great animal stories both happy and sad—but that are ultimately happy-ever-after stories.

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accept its fate. Animals in New Zealand are big business; racing and farming are both important industries and having animals as pets is woven into the fabric of our society. And yet, if we opened our eyes and saw what is regularly excused within these industries and in many homes, we would be horrified by what is complacently accepted as normal. These ‘normal’ practices include providing no shelter for livestock; keeping sows in crates and factory farming of pigs; tethering goats on roadsides;

I listened to the warmth in her voice I started to get excited. I also loved the fact that getting a dog was something her whole family had discussed and prepared for. They were committed to doing whatever they could to be engaged and attentive parents, and the dog they adopted would be an important family member. Then, as per protocol, I asked about their fencing. For a moment my heart sank. It was seven wire farm fencing and an absolute doddle for a boy like Jake to escape over. On paper it

get those seeds dispersed throughout the community and growing into giant pumpkins. The admin team busied themselves putting together a plan of attack. They needed to develop a way to engage the community and rally a healthy competitive spirit. With our website and Facebook page they were able to promote to the masses and they also took posters and envelopes containing three seeds each to sell for $2 at the local supermarket checkouts in Upper Hutt. All the packets of pumpkin seeds sold, and the

home-made tandem walkthrough horse float from an aeroplane pilot for $800. It looked pretty shabby at first glance, but I figured that if a pilot could trust it then so could I. So Drum the Clydesdale, Dottie the piglet, Ernie the lamb, Thistle the kid and a few extras all routinely bundled into the float together, with Drum on one side and the littlies on the other. The nine rats did their acting on the sewer-set days, when the studio was filled with dry ice and steam, and when they were needed

magic of breathing saved my butt and Cloudy’s sanity. To connect with your dog by breathing is something that is overlooked in most everyday people–canine relationships and yet it is the most powerful tool. Throughout my 29-year career it is probably the single most important gift I have learnt. I call it a gift because it is truly something special, almost inexplicable. But if I were to try to explain I would say that breathing with your dog is about shutting out the world and simply looking

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