Arista Warrior

Arista Warrior

Gary A. Donahue

Language: English

Pages: 422

ISBN: 1449314538

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Though Arista Networks is a relative newcomer in the data center and cloud networking markets, the company has already had considerable success. In this book, renowned consultant and technical author Gary Donahue (Network Warrior) provides an in-depth, objective guide to Arista’s lineup of hardware, and explains why its network switches and Extensible Operating System (EOS) are so effective.

Anyone with a CCNA or equivalent knowledge will benefit from this book, especially entrenched administrators, engineers, or architects tasked with building an Arista network. Is Arista right for your data center? Pick up this guide and find out.

Topic highlights include:

  • SysDB: the EOS system database that holds state, statuses, and variables
  • Multichassis Link Aggregation (MLAG): for linking a port-channel to multiple switches instead of just one
  • Latency Analyzer (LANZ): the interface-buffer troubleshooting tool with a reporting granularity of one millisecond
  • VM Tracer: for adding, changing, and removing VLANs without human interaction
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP): for remote switch configuration
  • Hardware advantages: including merchant silicon, low-latency networking, and power consumption
  • Gotchas: issues with Arista switches or systems

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command: Arista#sho ver Arista DCS-7124S-F Hardware version: Serial number: System MAC address: 06.02 JSH10170315 001c.7308.80ae Software image version: 4.7.8 Architecture: i386 Internal build version: 4.7.8-535760.EOS478 Internal build ID: 530a4112-b24f-40ef-bbe2-8c4b139a797d Uptime: Total memory: Free memory: 4 days, 20 hours and 4 minutes 2042400 kB 891220 kB We can see from this output that our switch is running EOS version 4.7.8. Check out the model number in the first line of output,

MLAG itself must be configured: Configuring MLAG | 111 Arista-1(config)#mlag Arista-1(config-mlag)#local-interface vlan 4094 Arista-1(config-mlag)#peer-address Arista-1(config-mlag)#peer-link port-channel 1 Arista-1(config-mlag)#domain-id MLAG-1 The commands should be relatively obvious. We’ve assigned the MLAG local interface to be the VLAN SVI we just created (VLAN 4094); we’ve told the switch that the peer for this MLAG domain is at the IP address; the peer-link is

devices are dual homed to both switches using MLAG, they should stay online while one of the switches in the MLAG pair reboots: Arista-2(config)#mlag configuration Arista-2(config-mlag)#reload-delay ? <0-3600> Seconds Here is the status of Arista-2’s e2 interface after a reload: Arista-2#sho int e2 Ethernet2 is down, line protocol is down (errdisabled) Hardware is Ethernet, address is 001c.7301.0f19 (bia 001c.7301.0f19) MTU 9212 bytes Auto-duplex, Auto-speed, auto negotiation: off Last clearing

because, honestly, I can’t remember the last time I configured HSRP without preemption enabled. Still, if you’d like to disable preemption, you can do so with the no vrrp group-number preempt command: SW1(config-if-Vl99)#no vrrp 99 preempt 158 | Chapter 14: First Hop Redundancy Preemption can also be delayed with a couple of interesting options shown by using the question mark after the delay keyword: SW1(config-if-Vl99)#vrrp 99 preempt delay ? minimum Specifies the minimum delay period in

mark will show you that this is the only choice to be made, unless you’d like to use your own initials, in which case I say, fine be that way: VRRP | 165 SW2(config)#track GAD int e10 line-protocol Once the object is created, you can reference it with the vrrp group-number track object-name interface command. There are two options: decrement and shutdown. Decrement will lower the priority by the specified amount, and shutdown will disable the VRRP group entirely. For this example, I’ll

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