Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

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From her first theatrical roles as a teenager in York to her scene-stealing performances as 'M' in the James Bond films, Dame Judi Dench's professional life has consisted of non-stop acting, leading to numerous accolades, including an Academy Award for her performance as Queen Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love. Behind the Scenes is a candid blend of reminiscences and photos, many of them never-before-seen from her personal collection. It's a uniquely personal take on her life and brilliant career, showing her off-stage as well as on. Looking back, she provides her millions of fans with reflections and remembrances of those who have mattered to her most - her family, fellow actors, directors and writers - communicating them with the truth and insight that is the hallmark of her acting. Behind the Scenes takes up where her New York Times bestselling memoir and furthermore left off. Dame Judi looks back on the last few years to talk about her role as "M" in the Bond films, the joy of ensemble acting in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, the chance to tell the story of the heroic woman at the center of Philomena, her joy in appearing with other great actresses in the MaterpieceTheatre Cranford and her return to the stage in Peter and Alice. Tireless in her desire to perfect her craft, she says "I simply want to go on acting. I suppose I could always be wheeled on stage if necessary. The great thing about acting is that it never ends."

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this cake made for his birthday, and am currently cooking up another surprise for him. This running gag seems to amuse other people too, and whenever I do a Platform conversation with John someone in the audience always asks, ‘Where is the black glove now?’ Chronology of Parts Awards Date Award 1961 Paladino D’Argentino at the Venice Festival for Romeo and Juliet 1965 BAFTA Award Most Promising Newcomer for Four in the Morning 1977 SWET Award Best Actress for Macbeth 1980 SWET Award

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I play Titania again forty-five years later I said to him: ‘Peter, I can’t do that again,’ and he said, ‘Of course you can.’ He set up an opening scene of the company all arriving at Court, with me as Queen Elizabeth. They designed the most wonderful ass’s head for Bottom, quite adorable. It was lovely working with Peter again. He is such a stickler for getting the rhythm of Shakespeare’s verse right, which is always such a great help. My grandson Sammy came to the First Night, and sat

met the actress Cathleen Nesbitt not long after I was married, at a cocktail party at the Savoy Hotel. She was so beautiful, and you can see why Rupert Brooke wrote all those letters to her. Portia in The Merchant of Venice with Michael Williams as Bassanio, Stratford, 1971 Portia has a speech to Bassanio in the Caskets Scene in The Merchant of Venice: I speak too long, but ’tis to peise the time, To eke it out, and to draw it out in length, To stay you from election. One night I said, ‘To

in one house. My mother and Michael’s parents all got on well together, so, a couple of years after Finty was born, Mike said, ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all just live together?’ That was absolutely my idea of heaven; it’s like a Quaker community, both for bringing up a child and the whole idea of looking after your parents. It appals me more than anything else in this country how the elderly are shot off somewhere where they sit like zombies in a room, and they’re there to die. This

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