Byron: A Portrait

Byron: A Portrait

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·accompanied it."· If Byron was nine years old when this sex play began, it must have started in Scotland and have gone on for some time before he revealed it to Hanson. It seems likely that the worst blows he suffered at the hands of May Gray were psychological rather than physical. The disillusioning experience of seeing her devote her caresses to others after their intimacy may well have roused a maddened jealousy that caused the boy to tell Hanson. This experience with an apparently pious

the end of the term. But he was soon in trouble again for leading a rebellion against Dr. George Butler, the new headmaster appointed to replace Dr. Drury on his retirement at Easter. Now that he was a leader in the school, the thought of leaving it saddened him. The hold of Harrow on his affections had imperceptibly strengthened as his home ties weakened. "I so much disliked leaving Harrow," he later wrote, "that, though it 33 Harrow and the Hills of Amzesley · was time (I being seventeen),

divorced w. of Marquess of Carmarthen, later 5th Duke of Leeds 2. 1785 Catherine Gordon of Gight (d. 1811) August a Mary Byron 1784-1851 m. 1807 her cousin Col. '*orge Leigh 1. I seven children George Anson 1758-93 m. 1779 Henrietta Dallas (d. 1793) Frances m. G

Earl merely informed him of the technical procedure, but did not offer to introduce him. Byron was deeply mortified that he was forced by Carlisle's snub to go through the formalities of proving his legitimacy to the Chancellor. In the meantime he was preparing himself for a career in Parliament by reading political memoirs and history. His bill at the bookseller's went up rapidly. He bought such heavy works as Holinshed's Chronicles and Cobbett's Debates and Parliamentary History, in addition to

read. And he began the study of Latin in Ruddiman's Grammar. In 1794, when Byron was six, news came of an event that was to change the whole course of his life. The "Wicked" Lord Byron's grandson had been killed by a cannon ball in Corsica and George Gordon had become heir presumptive to the title and estates of his Byron ancestors. Mrs. Byron began to hold her head a little higher and to visit with more confidence some of her aristocratic relations. During the term of 1794-95 young George was

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