Clough: The Autobiography

Clough: The Autobiography

Brian Clough

Language: English

Pages: 319

ISBN: 0552140031

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For the last three decades, Brian Clough has been the most charismatic manager in soccer. Though his talent has earned him a fortune, he remains a working-class hero. Tactically brilliant, Clough had an unmatched ability to motivate players, yet he has never been far from controversy, and some of his rows—particularly with his long-standing managerial partner Peter Taylor—are the stuff of tabloid legend.

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£650,000 as a kind of golden handshake. They called it a loyalty bonus, but how could it have been for loyalty – he'd hardly been at the club five bloody minutes? My son, sold to Liverpool for more than £2 million, left without a penny from Forest. Now you may say he deserved nothing, that he was well paid during his time there – obscenely well paid according to his sister, our Elizabeth, who believes footballers are vastly over-rewarded for their efforts. Fine. But there is something wrong with

dreadful, monotonous laps from the training routine. I put a ball down and we played football – five-a-side, six-a-side, anything that enabled them to practise the way they were expected to play as a team. I adored that part of my life, despite the shattering blow that had ended my playing career. I had discovered a new challenge, and my liking for management – such as it was at that modest level – was immediate. The response of those young footballers at Roker told me I could do the job. I was

so that you can talk to him.' I said: 'No, you can talk to him,' but Taylor insisted I was in there as well. This was the meeting in which the Clough-Taylor negotiating routine was born. We used it for years, whether signing a player, bombing one out, dealing with transfer requests, or sorting out some cheeky sod who wanted his wages increased. The Mackay situation was delicate, though. He was not only facing a change of club but a change of job. 'Dave,' Taylor said to him, 'the gaffer's got a

to the crowd as well. The silly sod thought the cheers were for him! Two or three minutes and I was away. Back to the Rolls and home. That night I went down to London and appeared on the Michael Parkinson show. See? I did say I had become quite famous! The anarchy intensified after the Leicester match, which Derby won 2-1. The players said that my appearance had put them in the mood that made victory a certainty. A series of meetings followed at Archie Gemmill's house, at Colin Todd's – where,

decided on the strength of an interview there was only one candidate. The others were wasting their time. At least, that's the way I saw it. 15 ENGLAND When the FA get in their stride, they make the Mafia look like kindergarten material. The people who work their way up the ladder of the Football Association are among the most privileged in the land. They travel the world – duty-free. Those who refused to make me England manager at the end of 1977 will never know what they missed. But

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