Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson

Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson

Language: English

Pages: 4982


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

* ALL 12 Novels and all UPDATED with concise introductions, giving valuable contextual information
* Many of the texts are illustrated with the original Victorian artwork, including TREASURE ISLAND and DR JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE
* Every short story and short story collection
* Front no-nonsense contents table allowing easy navigation around the colossal file
* Texts organised into scholarly chronological order and divided into literary forms
* The complete poetry and plays
* ALL of the collaboration works with other authors
* Even includes the complete letters, with their contents table
* Hundreds of images relating to Stevenson’s life and works
* The text has been carefully formatted for your enjoyment
* Numerous images related to Stevenson's life and works
* No less than three BONUS biographies – explore Stevenson’s adventurous life by contemporary biographers – all with their own special contents tables

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

The Pickwick Papers (Bantam Classic reissue)

Rudyard Kipling

The War Against Cliche: Essays and Reviews 1971-2000 (Vintage International)

A Christmas Carol




















number, that to look for men among them was like looking for a needle in a bottle of hay; and being so hopeless a task, it was gone about with the less care. Yet we could see the soldiers pike their bayonets among the heather, which sent a cold thrill into my vitals; and they would sometimes hang about our rock, so that we scarce dared to breathe. It was in this way that I first heard the right English speech; one fellow as he went by actually clapping his hand upon the sunny face of the rock on

nodded to himself. “We may leave him to his wife now,”‘ says he. “Bring a light, Mr. Mackellar.” Upon my going forth again with my lord, I was aware of a strange phenomenon; for though it was quite dark, and the night not yet old, methought I smelt the morning. At the same time there went a tossing through the branches of the evergreens, so that they sounded like a quiet sea, and the air pulled at times against our faces, and the flame of the candle shook. We made the more speed, I believe,

able to resume your occupations under Government, although God knows I would rather see you on the highway! Or, if that likes you not, stay here and welcome! I have inquired the least sum on which body and soul can be decently kept together in New York; so much you shall have, paid weekly; and if you cannot labour with your hands to better it, high time you should betake yourself to learn. The condition is - that you speak with no member of my family except myself,” he added. I do not think I

his suspicions, and to depend entirely (as well as I make out) on the chance that their victim was as greedy, hopeful, and irrational as themselves, and might, after all, betray his life and treasure. Twice in the course of the next day Secundra and the Master must have appeared to themselves to have escaped; and twice they were circumvented. The Master, save that the second time he grew a little pale, displayed no sign of disappointment, apologised for the stupidity with which he had fallen

himself; and as he entered the little parlour, where the table was already laid for breakfast, the cordiality of his greeting would have befitted an acquaintanceship already old. ‘I am delighted to see you, sir’ — these were his expressions — ’and I trust you have slept well.’ ‘Accustomed as I have been for so long to a life of almost perpetual change,’ replied the guest, ‘the disturbance so often complained of by the more sedentary, as attending their first night in (what is called) a new bed,

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