Cryptography in C and C++ (2nd Edition)

Cryptography in C and C++ (2nd Edition)

Michael Welschenbach, David Kramer

Language: English

Pages: 481

ISBN: 2:00255532

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book covers everything you need to know to write professional-level cryptographic code. This expanded, improved second edition includes about 100 pages of new material as well as numerous improvements to the original text.

The chapter about random number generation has been completely rewritten, and the latest cryptographic techniques are covered in detail. Furthermore, this book covers the recent improvements in primality testing.

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virtual memory, except in the case of DOS, one usually does not have to worry about this point, in particular with Unix or Linux systems. 9 Chapter 1 the GNU compiler gcc, the macro __FLINT_API_A is defined by __cdecl, and some compilers understand this as an instruction that the assembler functions corresponding to the C name and calling conventions are to be called. For modules that import FLINT/C functions and constants from a dynamic link library (DLL) under Microsoft Visual C/C++, in

inc_l() and dec_l() are similar to those of the functions add_l() and sub_l(). They test for overflow and underflow, respectively, and return the corresponding error codes E_CLINT_OFL and E_CLINT_UFL. Function: increment a CLINT object by 1 Syntax: int inc_l (CLINT a_l); Input: a_l (summand) Output: a_l (sum) Return: E_CLINT_OK if all is ok E_CLINT_OFL if overflow int inc_l (CLINT a_l) { clint *msdptra_l, *aptr_l = LSDPTR_L (a_l); ULONG carry = BASE; int OFL = E_CLINT_OK; msdptra_l =

difference is positive. Otherwise, the result is undefined; there is no control in sub() in this regard. Finally, the calling functions must make available enough space for the result of oversized intermediate results. In particular, sub() requires that the result variable have available at least enough storage space as for the representation of the minuend. 73 Chapter 5 We are now equipped to develop the functions madd_l(), msub_l(), mmul_l(), and msqr_l() for modular arithmetic. Function:

each the same number of additional multiplications is required. On the other hand, the 22 -ary decomposition of e contains eight 1-windows, requires double the number of additional multiplications compared to the case l = 4, and is thus significantly less favorable. • The same procedure, but beginning with the most-significant binary digit, yields for l = 4 and e = 123 the decomposition e = 1110 0 1111 000 1100 00 101, likewise with four 1-windows, which, as already established above, are not

calculate it with the function ld_l(). The algorithm goes as follows. 184 Basic Number-Theoretic Functions Algorithm for determining the integer part r of the square root of a natural number n > 0 1. Set x ← 2(e+2)/2 with e := ⌊log2 n⌋. 2. Set y ← ⌊(x + n/x) /2⌋. If y < x, set x ← y and repeat step 2. 3. Output x and terminate the algorithm. The proof of the correctness of this algorithm is not particularly difficult. The value of x decreases monotonically, and it is an integer and always

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