Dan Carter: My Story

Dan Carter: My Story

Duncan Greive

Language: English

Pages: 194

ISBN: 1927262380

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dan Carter - My Story is an up close and personal account of a New Zealand sporting icon; a down home country boy who went on to become a world superstar. Daniel William Carter is acknowledged as the greatest fly-half to have played international rugby. A veteran of more than 100 test matches, he is the world record holder for most test points, has twice been named the IRB’s Player of the Year and twice named New Zealand Player of the Year. Legendary unbeaten All Blacks coach, Sir Fred Allen, who followed international rugby from the 1920s until after the 2011 Rugby World Cup, had no hesitation in naming Carter as the greatest fly-half he ever saw. Carter, though, is renowned for his modesty and unassuming nature, and argues that he has he always ‘just tried to do the best job I can for the All Blacks’. In Dan Carter — My Story the great All Blacks pivot with the model good looks, opens up for the first time about his stellar 13-year career. He looks back on the myriad highs, including that virtuoso performance for the All Blacks against the Lions in the second test of the 2005 series. And, with an equal measure of honesty, he reflects on the lows of his career, speaking frankly of the mental anguish he felt after twice being invalided out of Rugby World Cups. As well, he talks about his unflinching loyalty to the famous black jersey and the reasons why he elected to make a long-term commitment to New Zealand.

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also thought that, whatever his intentions, it was inevitable the book would be watered down to something insipid. I knew a number of other people would read it pre-production. I thought their input would spook Dan from his planned candour. In the end, none of that seemed to have any profound effect on what we created. I say ‘we’ because even though I typed the book, Dan has been deeply involved in every facet of its creation. After I’d signed on I heard horror stories of players and coaches who

soon speeding towards London. The sun came up, and we quickly got through our beers. Slowly the first shards of doubt started to enter our heads. Maybe this wasn’t the greatest idea we’d ever had? Still, we were in too deep to turn back. We entered the city around 8.30 am, and the driver was soon profoundly lost. Being Welsh, he wasn’t overly familiar with London. The only place we could find was a hairdresser, which was randomly open before 9.00 am on a Sunday. A couple of us went in there to

celebrated our twenty-first. My generation were among the first to be able to view rugby as a viable career path, and the last to have grown up alongside men who’d played in the amateur era. In many ways that was a privilege that today’s generation have missed out on — the culture of amateurism was different, and in many ways a lot more fun. But it did mean that a lot of what we needed both as organisations and individuals simply wasn’t there. I rate my agents at Essentially very highly; they’re

Ireland and Wales, before steeling ourselves to face South Africa again at Eden Park. We came out like men possessed. We wanted that number-one ranking back, and to show them we wouldn’t be intimidated. Our forwards were as punishing as I’ve ever seen them, inflicting some viciously dominant tackles. South Africa pride themselves on their physicality, and rightly so. But on that night we were on another level. After a number of years of emphasising other competitions or milestones over the

and opportunity, had now snatched away a dream I’d been working towards, in one way or another, my whole career. We arrived back at the hotel, and they snuck me in the back entrance. The media knew something was up. I was a wreck, so it was some small solace to be able to avoid the scrum. Partners aren’t allowed to stay with players at the hotel, but Shandy said Honor could come in for the night. She was waiting for me, and comforted me through that long night. Over the course of the next few

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