Doctor in Clover (Doctor Series Book 6)

Doctor in Clover (Doctor Series Book 6)

Language: English

Pages: 176


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Now Dr Grimsdyke is qualified he finds practising medicine rather less congenial than he anticipated. But the ever-selfless Grimsdyke resolves to put the desires of others (and in particular his rather career-minded cousin) before his own, and settle down and make the best of it. Finding the right job, however, is not always that easy. Porterhampton is suddenly rife with difficulties – as is being a waiter, as is being a writer. And writing obituaries is just plain depressing. Doctor in Clover finds the hapless Grimsdyke in a hilarious romp through misadventures, mishaps and total disasters.

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take kindly to anyone but the accredited family practitioner. ‘Naturally, naturally,’ agreed Percy Nutbeam, very sociably. ‘We don’t question that for a moment.’ ‘I am sure you’ve had very extensive experience, Doctor,’ put in the wife. ‘Well, very varied, anyway. Look here,’ I told them, feeling rather awkward, ‘unless it’s a matter of saving life on the spot, if you’d rather call another practitioner – ‘Not at all,’ said Mrs Nutbeam briskly. ‘My husband and I have the utmost confidence in

Homburg. The next evening the pass-list was read from the examination hall steps, with the announcement that Charles Barefoot (St Swithin’s) had won the University Prizes in Medicine and Surgery. Miles wasn’t mentioned at all. He’d arranged to meet Dulcie Crimpole outside Swan and Edgar’s, and hurried to detonate his news. But before he could speak she held out her hand and said: ‘Good-bye, Miles.’ ‘Good-bye?’ ‘Yes.’ She felt for her handkerchief. ‘I – I’m afraid I’ve been a bad girl. I’m

breast of it on the hearth-rug? I rejected each one. They would all upset the Wattles too much. In short, nothing I could evolve by ten-thirty prevented the pair of us being ushered by Ma Wattle into my room, with two hot-water bottles in the double bed. ‘You dirty little stinker!’ started Petunia, as soon as the door was shut. ‘This is the meanest and nastiest trick – !’ ‘For Lord’s sake don’t make so much noise! We’re supposed to be a devoted couple.’ ‘I’d like you to understand, Dr

Sarah Bernhardt felt exactly the same dozens of times.’ ‘But seeing you here,’ Petunia went on, flicking her ash over the bearskin rug, ‘in your dear little home in this sweet little town, has opened my eyes. My racket isn’t worth the candle. I want to settle down.’ ‘But this isn’t my dear little home,’ I argued. ‘It’s Dr Wattle’s dear little home. As for the town, I came here intending to settle for life and now I wouldn’t even touch it for bed and breakfast. It would send a girl like you

smartly. ‘As soon as the Wattles have bedded down, I’m going to skip it into the night again.’ ‘But Gaston! Surely you’re not going to leave your wife?’ ‘Pet, you chump! You’re not my wife – only on the programme. Let me make it perfectly clear I’m not going to stay with you up here.’ ‘How honourable you are!’ she breathed. ‘How fine! How different!’ The Grimsdykes, of course, have their honour. But I must admit I wouldn’t have objected to the same arrangement if we’d been in a hotel at

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