Doctor On Toast

Doctor On Toast

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1842324985

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this riotously funny comedy Dr Grimsdyke’s genius for disaster is given full rein. He falls in love with a model, only to find she is already married. His much-anticipated cruise is an unmitigated disaster and his role as Sir Lancelot’s biographer leads them both into misadventure in the extreme. And then there is the hypochondriac the Bishop of Wincanton, the murder specialist Dr Mcfiggie, not to mention the most alarming girl from Paris. With such potential pitfalls, it is not surprising that Grimsdyke and Sir Lancelot avoid imprisonment by only the narrowest of margins.

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place up north. Actually, it’s pantomime. I’m the Demon King.’ ‘Pantomime?’ It seemed odd that the chap who could get halfway through Coriolanus in his bath on Sunday mornings should go scouring the country being demon kings. ‘Yes, all very jolly and seasonable, you know. A chappie I met in a King’s Road pub recommended Potter-Phipps,’ he went on, changing the subject, ‘though I must say I didn’t expect anything quite so grand.’ Basil stared round the consulting room. ‘I suppose all your

with nasty teeth, and everything he ate brought him out in rather unpleasant rashes. Now I come to think of it, he borrowed my fountain-pen for the Bar finals, and as far as I remember never returned it.’ Sir Lancelot gave the bell another push. ‘I would write to The Times myself,’ he added, ‘except that it is one of my principles never to write letters to the newspapers. It is in the worst possible taste to inflict your opinions on total strangers over breakfast. Besides, you never get paid

those needles Razzy kept for customers getting behind with their bills. ‘And what’s the trouble this time?’ I demanded shortly. ‘I should like a complete medical examination, please. You see, dear chappie, I am shortly going to be married.’ ‘What again? You mean to–’ ‘To a charming widow called Sybil van Barn. But you’ve met, of course.’ ‘You don’t mean to tell me you’re actually going to marry that old–’ Basil offered a gold cigarette case. ‘I will admit to you, dear chappie, some slight

Sixteen,’ read Sir Lancelot from the notices displayed like train timetables in the middle of the hall. He clasped his hands under the tails of his coat. The old boy had appeared in full morning dress and cravat, which I supposed he felt the correct costume for being sued. ‘I only wish we had time to hear some of the other cases,’ he remarked. ‘What, for instance, could Imperial Crab Fisheries possibly be suing Swindon Hosiery manufacturers about? Or Ebineezer Novelties the Home for Indigent

– whilst also benefiting from performing plastic surgery on the rich and famous. The ethical debates which perplexed medical men in post-First-World-War London are surely the very ones that today’s doctors are grappling with as they face the issues of human cloning, animal organ transplants and embryo-screening (CHECK). Richard Gordon’s The Facemaker is as relevant today as it ever was. ‘The novel has a sparkling surface and is full of sardonic entertainment. Mr Gordon’s fertility of comic

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