Doctor and Son

Doctor and Son

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Out of Whack

Tuff: A Novel

Anything for a Laugh

My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary











the mornings myself earlier on,’ I admitted. ‘But I put that down to Grimsdyke’s bottle of duty-free rum.’ ‘It’s all very well for him to talk,’ said Molly Benskin, when a few minutes later I congratulated her on such enlightened parenthood, while Tony took his turn putting the other two psychological problems to bed. ‘He hasn’t got to wash the nappies,’ she went on, pouting. ‘Or do the ironing and mop up the puddles and wipe their beastly little faces every couple of minutes from morning to

tonight enters the finishing straight. Did you remember that sweet little thing Angela Palgrove-Badderly?’ I frowned. ‘The girl I was chatting to last week, the afternoon you were buying Christmas presents in Harrod’s.’ ‘Ah, yes…’ ‘Of course, she only works in a shop because it’s the fashionable thing among her friends. Angela’s terribly aristocratic – they’ve got the old country house, or rather they did have until they let it go as a reform school. Presented at Court, too, or she would have

bought a celluloid duck for the coming infant, and I was enjoying playing with this in the plastic baby’s bath when I was interrupted by a ring at the doorbell. I thought this might be Ann Pheasant coming to seek news, and as Nikki had her feet up in the bedroom I went down to open the door. I found on the mat a pleasant-looking dark-haired girl, grasping a large brass telescope. ‘Dr Farquarson?’ she asked. ‘I’m afraid not. I’m his partner, Dr Sparrow.’ ‘So you’re Dr Sparrow,’ she smiled.

More Serious Works (in order of first publication) 1.   The Facemaker 1967 2.   Surgeon at Arms 1968 2.   The Invisible Victory 1977 3.   The Private Life of Florence Nightingale 1978 2.   The Private Life of Jack the Ripper 1980 3.   The Private Life of Dr. Crippen 1981 Synopses Published by House of Stratus The Captain’s Table When William Ebbs is taken from a creaking cargo boat and made Captain of a luxury liner, he quickly discovers that the sea holds many perils…probably the most

these valiant new doctors might be women… Dr. Gordon’s Casebook ‘Well, I see no reason why anyone should expect a doctor to be on call seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Considering the sort of risky life your average GP leads, it’s not only inhuman but simple-minded to think that a doctor could stay sober that long…’ As Dr Richard Gordon joins the ranks of such world-famous diarists as Samuel Pepys and Fanny Burney, his most intimate thoughts and confessions reveal the life of a GP to

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