England (Horrible Histories Special)

England (Horrible Histories Special)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 1407110411

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Readers can discover all the foul facts about England, including which monk tried to pinch the devil's nose with a pair of tongs, why some people in the Middle Ages ate dove droppings and which English king was accused of being a werewolf. With a bold look these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans.

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Blitzed Brits (Horrible Histories)















that said you had to have your hair cut. TRUE/FALSE? 10 As a Stuart person you are a bit superstitious. So… If you saw a woman walking backwards then it was a sure sign she was a witch. TRUE/FALSE? (Pic of nervous-looking Stuart person with fingers crossed, horse shoes etc?) Answers: 1 False. Pigeons and doves were kept to be killed and eaten. 2 False. James wrote a book in which he encouraged people to play sports on a Sunday … after they had been to church. 3 True. For most families the

their cells. What could you see for your penny? •  A half-naked woman chained to a wall, howling like a wolf. Her legs were covered in rat-bites from her little ‘friends’ in the cell. •  Patients forced to drink poisonous mercury mixtures to shock them out of their illness. •  Nurses flogging the patients as ‘treatment’ – but they also did it for sport. •  Doctors slicing open veins in patients’ arms and legs to let out blood and ‘cool down’ the brain fever. •  Screaming patients fastened

did the usual when they had a problem – rioted and sang a song… It was tough for the Luddites who were caught, though. Three were hanged and cut up at York Castle for shooting a mill owner near Huddersfield. All three men could prove that they were somewhere else when the man was killed. It made no difference. They were butchered … and nothing could soften their doom. Wotten weaving When the machines came the bosses made them go as fast as possible to make as much money as possible. Now the

horrible humans who lived there. England’s not too horribly hot, not too cruelly cold, not too madly mountainous, not too floodingly flat, not too dustily dry or too wash-out wet. Just right. So lots of people wanted to live there – even if it meant pushing out the ones who got there first. There were always new pushy people ready to invade. Rotten Roman Britain The first b-i-g invasion was by the ruthless Romans of Emperor Claudius in AD 43. Some of the Brits loved being ruled by the Romans

easy to spot a werewolf. Tell your friends how to do it – with the help of Horrible Histories you could even give a classroom talk! Did you know…? King John of England was accused of being a werewolf. After he was dead some monks said they heard his body moving in its grave. That must mean he could not rest in holy ground, they thought! So they dug up his body and buried it outside the churchyard. Celebrate this day: Take a day off school, sit in front of a nice warm fire and read a Horrible

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