English Mystery Plays (Penguin Classics)

English Mystery Plays (Penguin Classics)

Language: English

Pages: 640

ISBN: 0520022769

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Humour, pathos and suffering, and the culminating drama of the Crucifixion and Resurrection, give these plays a wonderful immediacy. Their action was conceived on a cosmic scale and all the enthusiasm and vitality of their writing is retained to this day. The energies of whole communities, notably at Chester, York and Wakefield, were devoted to their production and they were to influence later dramatists significantly. The grand design of the mystery plays was to celebrate the Christian story from 'The Fall of Lucifer' to the 'Judgement Day', and this volume contains thirty-eight plays, forming in itself a composite cycle and including almost all the incidents common to the extant cycles.

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460 Mannys sowle in blysse now xal edyfy, And the prynce of the werd is cast owth35. As I have prechyd in placys a-bowth, And shewyd experyence to man and wyf, In-to this werd Goddys sone hath sowth For veray love man to revyfe. (81) The trewthe of trewthis xal now be tryede, And a perfyth of corde36 be-twyx God and man, Wich trewth xal nevyr be dyvide, Confusyon on to the fynd Sathan. (82) 470 I PAUPER HOMO: Thou sone of Davyd, on us have mercye! As we must stedfast be-levyn in the,

for any red that thay can red20. (42) III TORTOR: Say wherto abyde we here abowte Thise qwenes with scremyng and with showte? 350 May no man thare wordys stere? I TORTOR: Go home, thou casbald, with that clowte! Or, by that Lord I leyfe and lowte21, Thou shall by it full dere! MARIA MAGDALENE: This thyng shall venyance call on you holly in fere. II TORTOR: GO, hy the hens with all or yll hayll cam thou here! III TORTOR: Let all this bargan be, syn all oure toyles ar before; This

dissimilar elements. The characters of the Soldiers are particularly vigorous in their craftiness. Probably this is ultimately derived from Continental sources. [Scene: Pilate’s court.] (1) PILATUS: Peasse, I warne you, woldys in wytt! And standys on syde or else go sytt, For here ar men that go not yitt, And lordys of me[kill] myght; We thynk to abyde, and not to flytt, I tell you every wyght. 1 woldys rulers (2) Spare youre spech, ye brodels bold, And sesse youre cry till I have

on a tre. (41) III PASTOR: Benste be here in! So my [hart] qwakys, 360 My hart is outt of skyn35, what so it makys. Who makys all this dyn? So my browes blakys To the dowore wyll I wyn. Harke, felows, wakys! We were fowre: Se ye awre of Mak now? I PASTOR: We were up or thou. II PASTOR: Man, I gyf God a vowe, Yit yede he nawre. (42) III PASTOR: Me thoght he was lapt in a wolfe skyn36. I PASTOR: So are many hapt now namely within. 370 II PASTOR37: When we had long napt, me thoght with

youre byddyng To sarve the ase my lord and kyng; For joye there-of, loo, how I spryng With lyght hart and fresche gamboldyng Alofte here on this molde! 614 harrode herald 620 weylde use 626 molde earth ERODE: Then sped the forthe hastely And loke that thow beyre the eyvinly; And also I pray the hartely 630 Thatt thow doo comand me Bothe to yong and olde. [The Messenger goes to the Kings.] (100) NUNCIOS: Hayle, syr kyngis, in youre degre; Erood, kyng of these cuntreyis wyde,

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