Extremely Gross Jokes, Volume 4

Extremely Gross Jokes, Volume 4

Julius Alvin

Language: English

Pages: 164

ISBN: 2:00263459

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From Amazon:
Lest one think these are a just the quirky output of a self-publishing eccentric, the series was published by Kensington Publishers under their Zebra Books imprint. Kensington's current website describes Zebra Books as their "flagship imprint [that] publishes nationally bestselling women's fiction, romantic suspense and bestselling historical, paranormal and contemporary romances." While no longer in print, the publisher characterized the jokes in this series as politically incorrect, raunchy jokes about ethnic groups, homosexuals, women, animals, politicians, celebrities and other unwitting targets."

The author has painstakingly collected thousands of such jokes and preserved them in print. While out of print, most are available used from Amazon resellers as $0.01 books.These are a valuable resource if one is studying such humor. I put the author's name in quotes because I believe it is a nom de plume for the person who holds the copyright for these books. Julius Alvin only appears on the Internet as the author of these works with no further biographical information.


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the lawyer is shown into a luxurious suite of rooms at the with a staff of servants. The Pope got up and sought out Saint Peter. "What's the deal?" the Pope demanded angrily. '1 was the head of the whole Catholic church and I live like a dog, while that lawyer lives like a king." "Well, your Holiness," Saint Peter replied, "we have hundreds of Popes up here in heaven, but we've never had an Irish lawyer before." Was Jesus a transvestite? It's hard to tell, but he did say to Peter while he

going to smuggle this 101 me a pair of baggy one to town." JULIUS ALVIN The old couple went into a Edinburgh restaurant and ordered lamb chops. The waiter noticed a little woman hadn't touched hers. "Something wrong, madam?" he asked. "Are yours overdone?" "No, no, laddie," she said. "Fm just waiting for my husband to finish. He's using the teeth first." later that the Interviewing a sixty-five-year-old rodeo champion newspaper man remarked, "You're really extraordinary, to be riding

had the most parents at the meeting. Did you hear about the stripper who got She hasn't been obscene since. 125 fired? JULIUS ALVIN ] 1 Why was the unemployed stripper depressed? She was all undressed and had no place to show. Did you hear about the actress who made Hollywood the hard way? She had Why ' it in talent. was the masochist lonely? He was starved for affliction. What was the favorite footwear of the neurotic shoe fetishist? Freudian slippers. Did you hear

What's Kung Fu Yung? It's like Egg Fu Yung, except you have waiter for the order. 22 to fight yo ur EXTREMEL Y GROSS JOKES What's "glass?" Japanese marijuana. The Chinaman was very excited when his wife was rushed to the maternity ward. But to his intense shock, the baby turned out to be white. He rushed into the room and confronted his wife. baby be white?" he demanded. ''Well," she said, "Occidents "How will could the happen." Why did the Polish farmer give hot water to his

would Hke a husband of my own someday. But I don't want a child." "Oh, don't worry," the boy said reassuringly, "I'll use a rubber." 77 JULIUS ALVIN One day the farmer's wife had to go to the took her four-year-old boy they returned, the httle boy went out to chiropractor, and she along. When the fields to see his daddy. All of a sudden he said, "Look, Daddy, that rooster is giving the hen a back treatment." The farmer laughed and asked, "Now where did you learn to call The called it

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