Final Analysis: The Untold Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case

Final Analysis: The Untold Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case

Catherine Crier

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 006113452X

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With the same exclusive access and penetrating investigation that made "A Deadly Game" a number 1 bestseller, Catherine Crier arrives at the scene of another stunning American crime. For decades, Susan Polk, mother of three, played devoted wife to Felix, her former therapist and a man 25 years her senior. The torment and alleged abuse that happened behind closed doors made headlines in October 2002 when Susan was arrested for fatally stabbing Felix in their Oakland, CA, compound. Early accusations and allegations in the case of CA vs. Susan Polk: Susan Polk was mentally, verbally and physically abused by Felix.Susan Polk spoke of killing Felix on numerous occasions, detailing possible methods. Felix Polk carefully guarded his own history with mental illness - his year-long stay in a mental hospital and his diagnosis with schizophrenia in the 1950s. Felix Polk may have used hypnosis, and perhaps even LSD, on his patients - and even on his own sons. Susan Polk stabbed her husband 27 times, put the knife back in the kitchen drawer and went to bed, leaving her son to find his father's dead body in their home. With three sons pitted against each other - one for, two against their mother; with the bizarre October 2005 murder of the wife of Susan's attorney; and with the bulk of the evidence still to come, the Polk case will take its place as one of most confounding true crime cases of recent years.

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Excerpts of that letter were read aloud in court and released to the public later that day. Sequeira’s cross-examination of Dr. Cooper focused on the witness’s prior courtroom conduct and his contradictory conclusions regarding the County’s autopsy report. The nondescript carpet muffled the clicking of his cowboy boots as he strode to the witness box that Monday as courtroom spectators poked fun at the Hawaiian shirt beneath his dark suit and tie. Dr. Cooper was again defiant as he faced off

should play the younger Susan, while Susan Sarandon should play her older self. Though at the time the humor seemed harmless, Sequeira was seeking to use that televised interview to portray her as someone who pokes fun at a murder victim. “Is it a crime to be able to find some humor in my situation?” Susan asked the prosecutor, charging that the Court TV producer “sand-bagged” her with the question. Breaking into a girlish giggle, she admitted that she still believes that Hannibal Lector is

bathroom and was inside…for at least twenty minutes. Came out, and was jumped on by her partner for not wearing shoes on the plane…. “Ordered by rude fellow to put shoes on immediately and go back to my seat. Told him he was very rude. Started up aisle only to run into (rude attendant with cart)…. Told me to get out of her way…. I couldn’t because other attendant was blocking me…. “She ordered me to go back to my seat, raising her voice, and grabbing my arm several times. I told her not to

language that she did, and his letters to her were filled with professions of undying love—even expressing his willingness to take his own life for her. “I love you enough to burn all I am and meet you in the after life,” he wrote to Susan while she was incarcerated at the West County Detention Facility. There was also speculation among members of the media that Eli and Susan could have entered into a suicide pact—in the event that Susan was sentenced to life in prison for Felix’s murder, the two

her cross-examination of Gabe so that he could put Adam on the stand. Adam had been waiting in the wings to testify for the prosecution since the trial had begun and was on the State’s list to take the stand after Gabe. But Adam was growing increasingly concerned that all the delays would prevent him from returning to UCLA in time for final exams and a scheduled trip to South Africa with his girlfriend. Susan argued that it was unfair to disrupt her case merely to accommodate her son’s vacation

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