First Among Sequels (Thursday Next, Book 5)

First Among Sequels (Thursday Next, Book 5)

Jasper Fforde

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0143113569

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fifth installment in Jasper Fforde’s New York Times bestselling series follows literary detective Thursday Next on another adventure in her alternate reality of literature-obsessed England

Jasper Fforde has thrilled readers everywhere with his gloriously outlandish novels in the Thursday Next and Nursery Crime series. And with another genre-bending blend of crime fiction, fantasy, and top-drawer literary entertainmentis Thursday Next: First Among Sequels, Fforde’s famous literary detective is once again ready to make the world safe for fiction. Thursday Next is grappling with a host of problems in BookWorld: a recalcitrant new apprentice, the death of Sherlock Holmes, and the inexplicable departure of comedy from the once- hilarious Thomas Hardy novels, to name just a few—all while captaining the ship Moral Dilemma and facing down her most vicious enemy yet: herself. Thursday’s zany investigations continue with Our Thursdays is Missing. Look for the five other bestselling Thursday Next novels, including Jasper Fforde’s latest bestseller, The Woman Who Died A Lot. Visit for a ffull window into the Ffordian world!

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through the boundary that separates the real from the written, the actual from the fable. With a rushing sound like distant waterfalls and a warm sensation that felt like hot rain and kittens, I was transported from Acme Carpets in Swindon to the entrance hallway of a large Georgian country house. 4. Jurisfiction Jurisfiction is the name given to the policing agency within books. Working with the intelligence-gathering capabilities of Text Grand Central, the Prose Resource

the body?” I stared at her carefully, trying to determine if she was telling the truth. “No. He just said he had. You could have asked him yourself, but you killed him, didn’t you?” “He was evil. He brought it upon himself.” “I wasn’t being serious,” replied Aornis. “It’s what passes for humor in the Hades family.” “This doesn’t really help me,” I murmured. “That’s nothing to do with me,” replied Aornis. “You wanted intel, and I gave it to you.” “If I find out you’ve lied,” I said, getting

conducive to bookjumping. “The nearest library,” I told him. “I’m late for work.” “You’re a librarian?” he inquired politely. “Let’s just say I’m really into books.” 21. Holmes I don’t know what it was about traveling to and from the BookWorld that dehydrated me so much. It had gotten progressively worse, almost without my noticing, a bit like a mildly increased girth and skin that isn’t as elastic as it used to be. On the upside, however, the textual environment kept all the

Oliver Twist.” “Master Bates has always been called that,” I pointed out. “We used to giggle over the name at school.” “Despite that,” replied Colonel Barksdale with no loss of confidence, “the other two are quite enough to have this taken extremely seriously. The Danverclones are ready. I only need your approval—” “It’s called ‘word drift.’” It was Thursday5. The meeting had never seen such a flagrant lapse of protocol, and I would have thrown her out myself—but for the fact she had a point.

eaten by a grammasite, and you would have let the Minotaur kill me,” I began, “but on the plus side, you came up with the word-drift explanation, which was pretty cool.” She looked hopeful for a moment. “But I have to take all things under consideration and without bias—either in your favor or against. The Minotaur episode was too important a failing for me to ignore, and much as I like your mildly eccentric ways, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to recommend that you do not join Jurisfiction,

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