Five Go Adventuring Again (Famous Five, Book 2)

Five Go Adventuring Again (Famous Five, Book 2)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 80


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There's a thief at Kirrin Cottage! The Famous Five think they know who it is, but they need to prove it! Where can they find evidence? The discovery of an old map and very unusual hiding place is all they need to get to the bottom of this mystery and uncover the true culprit!

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half-bowed to one another and nodded. ‘Are you staying here?’ asked Mr. Roland. ‘A very nice old farmhouse, isn’t it ?’ ‘It isn’t time to go yet, is it ?’ asked Julian, hearing a clock strike. ‘Yes, I’m afraid it is,’ said Mr. Roland. Tin later meeting you than I expected. We must go in about five minutes - no later. I’ll just give you a hand in trying to find this mysterious secret way!’ But no matter how anyone of them pressed and tapped around the panels in either of the two rooms, they

something! When did you last see those pages?’ ‘Last night,’ said Uncle Quentin. ‘I read them over again, and checked my figures to make sure they were right. These pages contain the very heart of my formula! If they got into anyone else’s hands, they could use my secret. This is a terrible thing for me! I must know what has happened to them.’ ‘I found this in your study, Quentin,’ said Aunt Fanny, and she held up the little bottle she carried. ‘Did you put it there ? It was in the fender.’

study,’ said George. ‘And for not coming into lessons this morning,’ said Dick. ‘You really are an idiot, George. I never knew anyone like you for walking right into trouble.’ ‘Hadn’t you better stay out a bit longer, till everyone has calmed down a bit ?’ said Anne. ‘No,’ said George at once. ‘If I’m going to get into a row, I’ll get into it now! I’m not afraid!’ She marched over the cliff path, with Timmy running round her as usual. The others followed. It wasn’t nice to think that George

do you ?’ The children groaned. ‘We wanted to do some Christmas shopping,’ said Anne. ‘Well, you can do that in the afternoons,’ said her aunt. ‘You will only do lessons in the morning, for three hours. That won’t hurt any of you!’ The new tutor came downstairs at that moment, and Aunt Fanny took him to see Uncle Quentin. She came out after a while, looking very pleased. ‘Mr. Roland will be nice company for your uncle,’ she said to Julian. ‘I think they will get on very well together. Mr.

don’t want to hurry you, but it’s one o’clock now, and you’d best be going if it’s near your dinner-time!’ ‘Gracious!’ said Julian. ‘We shall be late! Good-bye, Mrs. Sanders, and thanks awfully for the shortbread and this old rag. We’ll try our best to make out what’s on it and tell you. Hurry, everyone! Where’s Tim ? Come on, Timothy, we’re late!’ The five of them ran off quickly. They really were late, and had to run most of the way, which meant that it was difficult to talk. But they were

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