Going, Going, Gone! with the Pain and the Great One (Pain & the Great One (Quality))

Going, Going, Gone! with the Pain and the Great One (Pain & the Great One (Quality))

Judy Blume

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0440420946

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

THE PAIN AND the Great One are going places! In these new stories the kids are on the go—the Pain needs a trip to the emergency room; the family goes to the mall and not everyone stays together; the kids visit a county fair and want to ride the Super Slide; and a beach outing includes a boogie board. Lots more action and adventure for the dynamic duo who never stay still.

From the Hardcover edition.

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to sleep on blow-up mattresses. Grandpa Pete doesn’t have a TV. He doesn’t have a computer or a cell phone either. His house is just a big screened porch with one small inside room. The screens keep out most of the bugs. There are plenty of bugs. Too many for Mom. She’s always swatting at something. Early the next morning, before the sun came up, Grandpa Pete woke the Pain and me. “Shhhh …” he whispered, because Mom and Dad were sound asleep. We got into our long pants, long-sleeve shirts, and

to be out of it. I dumped a bucket of ocean water over my head. I was careful to keep my eyes shut. “How do I look?” the Great One asked. She was posing like a surfer in my Wolfman mask. She looked totally stupid. But I said, “You look cool.” Then she was off, racing out to catch the next wave. But she missed and fell off her board. She fell off on her next try too. And the one after that. She whipped off the Wolfman mask and came tearing out of the ocean. “This mask doesn’t work!” she

don’t know what the evil eye is exactly, but I once read about it in a scary book. “I told you we were all small,” the Pain said. “And it’s not nice of you to make fun of small people.” While the Pain and Purple Hair were arguing, a long line of teenagers were handing her tickets and piling into the Gravitron. Then I heard Aunt Diana calling, “Abigail, Jake! What are you doing here? You were supposed to wait for me.” “We are waiting. We’re waiting here at the Gravitron!” the Pain told her.

In less than two seconds the Pain made his move. He tugged on Rick’s arm. “Will you take me on the Gravitron? It only takes eighty seconds. I’ll give you all my tickets if you do.” I didn’t remind him that he had no more tickets. Or that he owed me six. “Jake,” Aunt Diana said. “It’s not polite to ask—” But Rick stopped her before she finished. “No, it’s okay. Maybe this will prove to my son I’ve still got what it takes.” He handed Purple Hair the tickets. Then he took the Pain’s hand, and

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