How to Cook a Moose

How to Cook a Moose

Kate Christensen

Language: English

Pages: 298

ISBN: 193403147X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Inspired by her move from Brooklyn to Maine, as well as the slow-food, buy-local movement that has re-energized sustainable farming, bestselling author Kate Christensen turns her blockbuster talent to telling the story of the hardship and happiness that has sustained her adopted home through thick and thin, as demonstrated through the staple foods of the region. Using a candid blend of humor, insight, culinary knowledge, and taste for rugged adventure, Christensen shares personal insights and takes readers on a journey into the lives and landscapes of the farmers, fishermen, hunters, chefs, and families who harvest or produce delicious, healthful food. She also details the history of food in the region and the secrets to cultivating her own sources of joy. The result is a mouthwatering literary stew that combines the magic ingredients of love, personal appetites, hard labor, history, and original recipes.

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all over Maine, thanks to the strong ties between farmers and their local communities. Black Kettle Farm, half an hour’s drive outside Portland, delivers weekly boxes full of freshly picked seasonal produce to the city’s Eastern Promenade from spring (asparagus) through fall (squash). And there are also similar shares in fishermen’s weekly catches: Salt & Sea is one such seafood-share program, called a CSF (community-supported fishery), and all the seafood you get is local, freshly caught, and

under heavy weights, then they cut it into separate sheets and siliconed them to the bar-top plywood with sandbags and clamps. They carefully cut out the old drain and made a beautiful medallion in the middle of the countertop and jointed the separate pieces neatly with copper nails. By the beginning of summer, after months of hard, painstaking work for our contractors, our new kitchen was finally finished. Everyone had been remarkably patient and coolheaded throughout, maybe because we all knew

zest the lemons (keep the zest separate to add at the end). Whisk the melting butter and sugar together and add the lemon juice, continuing to whisk until blended. Lift the bowl. If the water is rapidly boiling—anything over a gentle simmer, really—turn it down and let some of the heat escape to bring the temperature down. In a separate bowl, continue to beat the eggs together well, until they are fluffy and full of bubbles, and the whites and yolks are integrated. Add the beaten eggs to the

carrots that she gave us to snack on before dinner, her home-cooked plain nourishing meals, the way she managed to feed us festively and well on almost no money; I felt that we were akin to the March family in Little Women. That was what being rich meant. Not the countess’s gilt-and-marble foyer, not the tailored suits of Wall Street, not the stretch limousines that cruised along Park Avenue. Real wealth was found in literature and music, the joy of owning one’s own soul and mind, a healthy

We set out a board of cheese and crackers festooned with grapes and leaves from the vine right outside, and a plate of fresh spring rolls a neighbor had made. We opened bottles of cold white wine and poured some for ourselves. Promptly at noon, the other guests arrived, most of them writers in this case, as well as a farmer and a painter; there’s no “fashionably late” in Maine, as we’d learned years ago when we first moved here. If you say noon, you can expect all your guests to assemble well

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