Hullawrerr China!: The Best of Francie and Josie

Hullawrerr China!: The Best of Francie and Josie

Rikki Fulton

Language: English

Pages: 128


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Francie & Josie began their incredible career at the Alhambra Theatre in Glasgow in 1958. Originally brought to life by Stanley Baxter, it was to be the partnership of Rikki Fulton and Jack Milroy that brought Francie & Josie fame and fortune. Enough to buy a few fish suppers, anyway. Hullawrerr China! is a collection of Francie and Josie's funniest moments from their many years in showbusiness - including the original version of the legendary Arbroath sketch. And as Francie & Josie said themselves - 'we have perspired thegether to make a pair of spectacles of wurselves, foisted wurselves on a highly expectorant public and we are taking the opperchancity to present before your very eyes a production which for sheer hypocrisy and slite-of-hand will live forever in the annuals of all maternity.'

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just say that I’m stuck wi’ you. Francie: Suits me, Josie. Josie: There seems to be only one solution … Francie: You mean that you’ll come an’ – Josie: … only ’til Auntie Jessie gets back. Francie: Josie, that’s smashin’! Oh but er … how do you think your mother’ll take it? Josie: Well, she’ll probably have a wee greet to hersel’ – Francie: Aye … Josie: On the other hand, my faither will probably hang out the flags and cheer! Y’know Francie, it’s a funny thing about my faither but he’s never

Hielanman comes on the tram an’ he asks fur a tuppeny wan. An’ the conductor says tae, “a’right,” he says, “but ye’ll huv tae pay for yer dug.” An’ the big Hielanman says, “Whit ye talkin’ about? That’s no’ a dug – that’s ma sporran.” An’ a wee wumman leans forward an’ says, “D’you know,” she says, “Ah wondered about that. Ah offered it a biscuit an’ it widnae take it.” DANCE HALL PATTER FRANCIE & JOSIE ON PULLING BURDS Josie: Ye know, Francie, thinkin’ aboot the hysteria of Edinburgh, d’ye

Rizzio’s ghost. Episode five found them involved with MI5 and Russian spies, and, after a visit to Paris, their final sketch was set in the USA, visiting their pen pal. When the season came to an end, it was assumed that this winning combination would return the following year and repeat their success but new challenges were beckoning. Stanley was getting film offers and left to pursue his ambitions in London. Several years on and, out of the blue, STV decided they wanted to get in on the act.

sighs heavily, tragically). Mom: What’s the matter honey, aren’t you going out tonight? Teenager: Going out! What can you do in this dump on a Sunday night? Mom: Well, there’s the movies dear … Teenager: Oh yeah … so there’s the movies and there’s the Open Air Dancin’ … and the Downtown Jazz Club … and the Moonlight Casino on the river … and, and the Amusement Park – but after that, nothin’! This town’s dead … now if only I could be with Francis and Joseph … Mom: You mean, the two boys you write

Max is dressed as a butler but is a tough, menacing type and wears an eyepatch. Max: Half past ten … half past ten! They said they would have the plans here by nine o’clock at the very latest … What can have gone wrong? What’s happened? Olga: Who is the messenger Max? Max: How do I know who the messenger is? Somebody, ANYBODY! All I know is that once he has delivered the plans we … (pulls finger across throat) … bump him off! Throw the body into the Clyde … he knows too much! Then we … (Doorbell

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