iPad for Kids: Using the iPad to Play and Learn

iPad for Kids: Using the iPad to Play and Learn

Brian Proffitt

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 1435460537

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With the right applications, the iPad and iPad 2 can become more than just devices for watching videos, listening to music, and reading electronic books. Your iPad can be a device that's used for teaching and imparting knowledge to children in nearly any environment. This ability to teach anywhere opens up a wide range of knowledge for children. The iPad has apps that are specifically designed to build skills in reading, math, and writing. How many apps? Thousands. Some are good, some are not so good; this book sorts through the clutter and tells you about all of the best educational apps that are available. Many of the apps featured in this book are free, some cost no more than $10, and many are somewhere in between. IPAD FOR KIDS is for all of you who want to get started using the iPad as a teaching tool for your kids. Think of this book as a personal tutorial, a one-on-one class with an expert user of the iPad. You get to stay in the comfort of your own home or school and learn how to familiarize yourself with the iPad controls and interfaces, connect to the Internet with the iPad using WiFi or a cellular connection, add apps and multimedia content to your iPad, print documents from the iPad, teach kids from toddler-age to fourth grade how to read--and then read better, explore and practice mathematic concepts, discover the world of art and music., and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations for advanced school work. Written by technology expert, educator, and parent Brian Proffitt, this book will help you discover and configure the best educational iPad apps for your child. From toddler to tween, you'll find the perfect app for every child in your life in minutes!

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Choose the music you want to sync. 4. In the Genres window, select the Classical option. 5. Click Apply. The music on your iPad will now include only the songs in this genre (see Figure 3.7). 47 iPad for Kids Figure 3.7 Making music fun. ✺ NOTE Mixing Your iPad Music You can select music to sync to the iPad based on individual artists or any playlists you’ve created in the iPad or iTunes. Restoring the iPad As I mentioned earlier in this chapter, you can use iTunes to restore your iPad

another icon you want to store in the same folder. After a pause, the icons will superimpose on one another, and a new folder window will appear (see Figure 4.2). 61 iPad for Kids Figure 4.2 Creating a new folder. 3. Drag the app icon to the desired spot within the folder window, as seen in Figure 4.3. 62 Chapter 4 Fourth Step: Using the iPad Apps Figure 4.3 Positioning apps in the folder window. 4. The iPad will attempt to guess at a suitable folder name, but if it needs changing, tap

bookmarks in the book will be listed, as shown in Figure 6.7. Tap the bookmark to view that page. Figure 6.7 The Bookmarks page. 107 iPad for Kids You can also use the page turner control found on the bottom of every page when you tap the page. Tap and drag the rectangular control to move to the page number you want. When you lift your finger, the desired page will open. You can use the Brightness and Text controls to adjust the text size and display properties of the iBooks app. If this

iTunes Notes paragraph. 7. To find out how other users liked the music, read the Customer Reviews section. 8. When satisfied you want to buy this album, tap the price button at the top of the window. The button will change to a green Buy Album button. 9. Tap the Buy Album button. A login dialog box will appear. 10. Enter your iTunes Password information for the iTunes Store and tap OK. The album will be downloaded, as shown on the Downloads page (see Figure 7.4). 112 Chapter 7 Multimedia

Pre-Kindergarten Of course, are they looking at the world, or seeing it? One fun app to help them build their powers of observation is What’s the Difference? What’s the Difference? is an app with simple rules: two very similar pictures are displayed, side by side. Players must then find five things that are different in each photo within a certain amount of time. Sounds easy, right? But there’s a catch: the pictures are highly detailed, and sometimes the differences are subtle, as seen in Figure

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