Incredible Incas Activity Book (Horrible Histories)

Incredible Incas Activity Book (Horrible Histories)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 0439959071

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Terry Deary's foul facts and Martin Brown's crafty cartoons combine to bring all those cunning conquistadors and terrific temples to life. With an Incan initiation game to play and a push-out lofty lord to dress.

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sugar-cane factories the Spanish brought in heavy machines to crush the sugar cane. They often ended up with crushed Incan peasants as well. Routed rebels Of course the Incas tried to rebel against Spanish rule from time to time. Not very successfully. They not only failed but suffered terribly. During Manco Capac’s Easter Uprising, in 1536, Spanish soldiers came towards the city to put down the uprising, and the Incan fighters taunted the Europeans by lifting their bare legs at them! (The

the fire-spirit answers without moving his lips! Coca crawlers Another way to tell the future was to look at a dish of leaves picked from the coca plant. (A bit like reading the future by looking at tea leaves in a cup as some people still do today.) You could also take a powerful drugged drink called ayahuasca and see the future in the wild dreams it gave you. But strangest of all was to watch the way a spider wandered across the floor. That would tell you everything you wanted to know! Llama

enjoy a bit of ruling. Pach’s patch and Top Cat Topa Pachacuti decided it was time for some changes and he had the power to make them. He had only taken over as emperor from his father after a lot of fighting and he didn’t want that to happen when he died, so he made his son Topa Inca Yupanqui the next emperor, then retired. Topa was topa the pops when it came to ruling and he and his dad made some nice new rules. If the Incas had been able to write, their laws may have read something like

grow in the Andes. 8 True. Corn was their main food and they ate it toasted, boiled or ground into flour and baked. They also heated it till it ‘popped’. Pity they didn’t invent the cinema to go with the popcorn. 9 False. The Incas conquered the Huanca tribe and the Huanca loved to eat dog as a special treat. The Incas were a bit disgusted by this. They much preferred to eat guinea pigs (roasted or in a stew). The little furry friends ran around the house like pets till they were wanted for

Spanish soldiers retreated to the safety of an island where he made a famous speech. He drew a line in the sand and said … Would you cross the line? How many of those 250 gallant Spanish men crossed Franny’s line? Was it … a) 13? b) 113? c) 213? Answer: a) Just 13 swallowed this brave talk and joined him. He must have felt a bit of a twit! 7 Like all great leaders Franny had a lot of luck. One of his ‘Glorious Thirteen’ was a giant of a man called Pedro de Candia. This man offered to

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