Invitation to Philosophy: Issues and Options

Invitation to Philosophy: Issues and Options

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First ponder the concepts, then discover how experts debate it. INVITATION TO PHILOSOPHY: ISSUES AND OPTIONS walks you through each major topic in philosophy using language you can understand, shows you how it's all connected, and manages to be entertaining at the same time.

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coerced by a few who insist that they know best what is good and right? Is it not contradictory to support the premise that human beings are, on the one hand, rational and, on the other hand, shortsighted or untrustworthy? 3. The Marxist idea that power is a temporary necessity, that it is merely held in trust for people until a later time when it will be reduced or dispersed, is not acceptable. Power once concentrated is seldom relinquished. Power tends to maintain itself and feed its own

"thinking thing," and the body, which he defined as an "extended thing." No mind is extended, and no body thinks. These utterly distinct realities are independent of each other, yet they seem to be connected. Bodies seem to produce mental sensations, and thoughts appear to move bodies. The problem is, How are they connected? (The problem is similar to attempting to move a chair by merely thinking about moving it. No matter how close the mind gets to the chair, the chair does not move. So, how do

Metaphysical Issues 153 of moral values human beings are credited with the capacity to reason and to apply scientific knowledge to the enlightened regulation of human affairs. No extrahuman sources of knowledge are needed or, indeed, acknowledged. Finally, humanists typically identify themselves as humanitarians. This means that they show an abiding concern for the good life for themselves and their fellows. They support such causes as brotherhood and social justice in the belief that freedom,

find themselves directly confronted by philosophical issues and deeply involved in philosophical activity. The invitation to philosophy that unfolds in the pages to follow should provide an exciting starting place for anyone ready to embark on the philosopher's quest. For Further Reflection Case Study In this prologue it has been suggested that philosophers ask the same sorts of questions that children ask but in a more careful and sophisticated fashion. It is a natural activity but one that we

chapter would be the best help in making decisions in this area of health care. Video Suggestions Many movies present us with ethical dilemmas. One of the more recent ones that raises some of the issues encountered in this chapter is Cider House Rules. Christina Hoff Sommers, "Teaching the Virtues: A Blueprint for Moral Education," Chicago Tribune Magazine (September 12, 1993): 18. Suggested Readings 183 InfoTrac College Edition Key Terms consequentialism (ethics) egoism ethics good and

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