Jason Priestley: A Memoir

Jason Priestley: A Memoir

Jason Priestley

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 006224759X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jason Priestley, star of the iconic hit television series Beverly Hills, 90210 and one of the biggest teen idols of the 1990s, chronicles the highs and lows of his life and career in this charming and honest memoir.

The hit Fox show Beverly Hills, 90210 became a cultural touchstone of the 1990s and propelled its young cast to mega-stardom, including Jason Priestley, who played honorable Midwestern transplant Brandon Walsh. Yet despite more than twenty years in and out of the limelight, Priestley has carefully maintained his privacy. In this compelling memoir, the actor, director, and race-car aficionado invites us into his private world for the first time.

With humor, sincerity, and charm, Priestley offers little-known details about his life and stories of his nine years in America’s most famous zip code. He talks candidly about celebrity, marriage, fatherhood, and his passion for car racing. He does not shy away from the devastating lows—his brief jail sentence for drunk driving and the crash at the Kentucky Speedway that nearly took his life. Priestley shares his innermost thoughts about life as a ’90s icon, and goes beyond the Brandon Walsh squeaky-clean image, revealing the tumultuous events that have shaped him, and where he finds his greatest happiness today.

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and I had a late meal with the band. “You guys are great,” I said. “Why don’t more people know about you in America? You need to shoot a music video and get some exposure here.” This was the mid-1990s, and MTV was still breaking out hits through music videos. They told me that they had shot a few but didn’t like the results. They had spent a lot of money on what they felt was a substandard product, and they couldn’t get on MTV or VH1. Now, I’d had a few drinks. “I’ll shoot your next video, and

Pit After Dark. As for me, I was nominated for a MuchMusic Video Award later that year. The MMVAs are a big deal, Canada’s annual video awards show that attracts musicians from all over. All kinds of American music acts attend and perform there each year. My youthful hubris paid off, and I had some new friends in the music biz. Beverly Hilton Hotel Beverly Hills 90212 It was that time of year again—The annual fancy rubber chicken dinner event. The Golden Globes were much more fun when I was a

actors. Why not just pull the plug and send us all home? Why do one more show? We all needed to be looking for a new job, for one thing, and the sooner the better. We shot the last episode, a Christmas episode called “The Lost Christmas,” and that was that. I’d heard many a story like this from my buddies on other shows, of course, but it had never happened to me. That’s Hollywood. Zach and I returned to L.A., and eventually Coop’s show ended, and we all returned to our lives. Mine didn’t change

my move as soon as I finished school. If there was one thing I loved about Los Angeles, it was the weather. If there was one thing that surprised me, it was how spread out the city was. Immediately after graduation ceremonies, it was time to move to L.A. But first I had one more acting job—another guest appearance on 21 Jump Street. Vancouver in those days was a very small town, acting-wise. Every young person in the business passed through the 21 Jump Street set at one point or another. This

arrived. Warner Ranch Burbank 91522 I worked frequently as a director because I very much enjoyed taking material on the printed page and taking it all the way through to a finished product on-screen. That was my challenge as a director. Actors have to be very self-involved: worried about their timing, hitting their marks, their motivation, how they look, you name it. Looking at the big picture as director was a very different and rewarding challenge. Many, many actors think they want to be a

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