Kris Jenner . . . And All Things Kardashian

Kris Jenner . . . And All Things Kardashian

Kris Jenner

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1451646976

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From everybody’s favorite “momager” of E!’s hit reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians comes a relatable, brutally honest memoir of Kris Jenner’s never-before told story of the savvy businesswoman behind the Kardashian empire.

You think you know her . . .

Now read the stories even her famous children haven’t heard in this gripping and inspirational New York Times bestseller from the superstar matriarch of one of the biggest celebrity empires of our time.

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we’ve watched Kris Jenner do it all. She runs a household, manages her children’s blockbuster careers, produces four television shows featuring her larger-than-life family, and still finds time to tweet to her fans. In this thoughtful, candid, and no-nonsense memoir, Kris opens up about the parts of her life that aren’t always in the spotlight: her marriage to Robert Kardashian, the late father of her four oldest children; her husband Olympic champion Bruce Jenner’s pivotal role in ending the Kardashians’ messy divorce so they could all move forward as a family; her close relationships with Nicole Brown Simpson and O. J. Simpson and her insider knowledge about the murder, its aftermath, and the infamous trial; and even her controversial decision to make her charming family into an international brand.

If you think your life is chaotic, try keeping up with Kris Jenner.

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never lived in a high-rise, never ridden in a cab, never really used public transportation. Now I was taking a subway to get to work at LaGuardia, because that was the hub for most of my flights. My life as a flight attendant was like something out of a movie. I had a blue blazer with wings on my lapel, and I was very professional. American was very strict about the dress code, and my hair was always picture-perfect. I had my skirt just the right length, I had just the right jacket. I took it

you? But O.J. and Robert were just cold. They didn’t speak. They didn’t smile. They didn’t say a word. They just looked over at us as if we were two strangers and drove off. Cici and I were like, “What the hell is going on?” It was such a crazy moment that I would tell the prosecutor, Marcia Clark, about it during the trial. That night I called Robert. “What the hell was that all about?” I asked, meaning the silent treatment on the street. “O.J. was really upset because we had to go to the

to find it and turn it over to the prosecution. It was torturing me that there had to be something somewhere, and I was determined to find it. There was nothing in the Louis Vuitton bag. So I began ransacking the entire room. I looked through every closet. Searched through every drawer. I went through all of O.J.’s stuff, but I didn’t find much of anything. Then I heard a car pull up outside: Robert and the kids. I ran downstairs and was standing nonchalantly in the entrance hall when they

abalone, something we had never heard about before, and my mother telling us it was a done deal. Harry, my mom, Karen, and I were all moving to Oxnard—the strawberry and lima bean capital of California, 155 miles north of San Diego—where Harry could invest in something called the Abalone Processing Plant. Mom put her candle shop on hold—she had someone work there for the summer—and we moved up to Oxnard. We moved into this small apartment. We had no friends. We didn’t know anybody. I hated

down and I could see that he was breathing, but I felt that he was already gone. We had all had more than our shares of horror and grief for one month. On the day Robert died, just eight weeks after his diagnosis, part of me died with him. All of the kids were devastated. Poor Khloé, though, had the worst time of all. She couldn’t bring herself to see her father before he died, and now she couldn’t go back and change that. She was so grief-stricken that she lost all her hair. It fell out in big

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