Leading: Learning from Life and My Years at Manchester United

Leading: Learning from Life and My Years at Manchester United

Alex Ferguson, Michael Moritz

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0316268100

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After an astonishing career-first in Scotland, and then over 27 years with Manchester United Football Club- Sir Alex Ferguson delivers Leading, in which the greatest soccer coach of all time will analyze the pivotal leadership decisions of his 38 years as a manager and, with his friend and collaborator Sir Michael Moritz, draw out lessons anyone can use in business and life to generate long-term transformational success.

From hiring practices to firing decisions, from dealing with transition to teamwork, from mastering the boardroom to responding to failure and adversity, Leading is as inspiring as it is practical, and a go-to reference for any leader in business, sports, and life.

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appear. You want to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible because that can paralyse an organisation. Yet you also do not want to make promises you know you might not keep. At United, I hope I made it clear to people–particularly the non-playing staff–that they were secure and I wasn’t about to put them in front of a firing squad. All I sought was performance and, as long as they performed, they were going to be part of the journey ahead. When a former player, who is new to management, asks

conversely, offer something that, at first hearing, sounds completely implausible. That was certainly my reaction when I first heard Google’s co-founder, Larry Page, explain that he wanted to put the internet on a hard drive. It took me a long time to figure out the depth and subtlety of his remark. Communicating what he wanted from staff and players always seems to have come naturally to Sir Alex. Part of this was born of inner confidence, part from the gradual accumulation of victories, but

was not limited to the younger players. One extraordinary example was Henrik Larsson, who was a striker in his mid-thirties when he was loaned to us in 2007 during the Swedish off-season. Everybody kept saying, ‘I wish he had been with us when he was a boy.’ He just sopped up everything we said to him, but he returned to Sweden because he had made a promise to his family and his club, Helsingborgs. Something similar happened when we signed Michael Owen when he was almost 30. He only made 52

have spent every second thinking about how to turn Aberdeen into a title contender. Whenever we got caught up in a big match, I always told the players, ‘Don’t play the occasion, play the game.’ There’s all the other frippery that doesn’t matter: the bands, the pre-game theatrics, the new suits and all the travelling supporters buzzing with anticipation. The first time I took United to a Wembley final in 1990, I was as excited as a teenager on a Saturday night and distracted by the surroundings.

player and his family. I did not have a problem so much with Carlos Tévez as with his advisor, Kia Joorabchian. I always felt he was engineering another move for Tévez and, as a result, never had the feeling that the player belonged to United. It just seemed like we were renting him until Joorabchian could cut a better deal elsewhere. There are one or two football agents I simply do not like, and Mino Raiola, Paul Pogba’s agent, is one of them. I distrusted him from the moment I met him. He

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