Life in the Gumball Machine

Life in the Gumball Machine

Maureen Bartone

Language: English

Pages: 93

ISBN: 0692694862

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Life in the Gumball Machine is a story of great adventure and fun when three friends, Daisy, Patrick, and Michael, find an abandoned gumball machine hidden in an old shed. After they are magically transported up and into the gumball machine, they encounter a beautiful world of color and amazing gumball people who take the children on the ride of a lifetime.

May B.


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feel good inside. Even the boys started to lose some of their fears and relax. As they walked closer to the houses, they were able to see the gumball people in greater detail. They were everywhere! There were mother gumballs strolling their baby gumballs; there were father gumballs playing catch with their gumball children; and there were children gumballs throwing baseballs, Frisbees and playing football. Some gumballs were even swinging on swing-sets. Even though Daisy, Patrick and Michael had

thing about us.” She smiled and clapped her hands to the beat of the music. The dancing and partying lasted for an hour or so. After which, Gordy suggested that they go to his house to relax and unwind. He wanted them to meet his family and maybe, play a game of football, and have something to eat. The children said their goodbyes to the many new gumball friends they met, high-fiving them as they were leaving. They started on their way to Gordy’s house. Vinnie came along, because he wanted to

celebration. Everyone cheered and congratulated him for braving the ride. He was so happy and proud of himself that he swiped a big glob of bubblegum flavored pudding off of his forehead and put it into his mouth. He proceeded to chew it up and make a HUGE bubble. Vinnie, Gordy and the other gumballs stood and stared at him, with their mouths open. Michael popped his large bubble and it smeared all over his mouth. Wiping it off with his hand, he said, “Oops. Did I just eat one of your friends or

loved making her mad. Returning to look out the window, Daisy told them she was checking out her new neighbor. “I’m going over there to invite the new girl to my birthday party.” Just then, Daisy’s big brother, Joe, walked into the room. Even though he was only a few years older than they were, he was much bigger, and loved to act mean and tough. He was always trying to bully them. Patrick and Michael were afraid of him. Daisy couldn’t stand him. “What are you doofs looking at?” Joe shouted,

startling the three children. Daisy snapped back at him. “We are looking at our new neighbor, if it’s any of your business.” “Oh, yeah, I saw her already,” Joe sneered. Daisy didn’t notice his mean tone. “I was thinking about going over there and inviting her to my party,” she said. Joe laughed. “You’d be crazy to invite her to your party. What will all your other friends think? I bet they won’t even show up if they find out she’s coming,” he said laughing. Even though he knew it wasn’t true,

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