Lionboy: the Chase (Lionboy Trilogy (Paperback))

Lionboy: the Chase (Lionboy Trilogy (Paperback))

Zizou Corder

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0142404543

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Charlie and his lion friends have made it safely to Venice, but it turns out that their journey has only just begun. King Boris's palace was meant to be a haven, but it's starting to feel more like a prison. When word arrives from the cat grapevine that his parents are not being held in Italy after all, Charlie knows he must take fast action. Luckily a new ally has come on the scene-and just in the knick of time: Rafi is in hot pursuit.

This second book in the Lionboy trilogy is even more action-packed than the first, offering clever escapes, shipwreck, a prehistoric beast named Primo who will prove himself a great hero, and surprises that will shock and delight. It's an exhilarating, suspenseful whirlwind of a story, and readers will be clamoring for more.

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the scarlet turn to a delicate brown. It looked like a magical text, an ancient spell, a decree by some all-powerful and long-dead king or queen. “I’m putting it up here,” she said as she rolled it up, tied it quickly, and popped it behind the photo of her and Aneba on their honeymoon in Venice, on the top shelf of the cabinet. “And Charlie . . .” Here she stopped and looked at him, her blue eyes sure and clear: “If you need to go anywhere, take it with you.” A sudden sharp sense of importance

tall and suave as Captain Hook. “It’s gorgeous, sir,” said Charlie, coming down from a handstand on the edge of a smokestack, and wishing he were somewhere else. He didn’t want to look the major in the face when he was about to trick him out of his lions. “Looking forward to the parade tonight?” “Oh yes, sir,” said Charlie. “And the show tomorrow?” “Oh yes, sir.” “Know what you’ve got to do?” “Yes, sir, and looking forward to it!” said Charlie bravely. “Mighty glad, mighty glad,” said

European motorways, Magdalen and Aneba read the letter from Charlie. Magdalen managed to unfold it, and Aneba wriggled into a position where he could read it aloud. A lone streetlight sent its weak gleam in through the grubby window of the truck. “It’s upside down,” Aneba said very quietly. He didn’t want Winner overhearing. “Turn it to the left a bit so it’s in the light.” Darling Mummy and Daddy, It was really good to get your letter. Everything’s going okay for me. Brother Jerome is

rubber, Major Tib came striding into the ring in a bright spotlight of his own, gorgeously costumed in a midnight blue tailcoat with shining gold buttons, white buckskin breeches, and black leather riding boots. He was holding his long elegant whip, and in ringing tones he proclaimed: “Ladies and gentlemen, meine damen und herren, mesdames et messieurs, welcome to Thibaudet’s Royal Floating Circus and Equestrian Philharmonic Academy, the Show of Shows, the Night of Nights: Tonight for your

received a report about some wild animals on the roof of a speeding train in a howling storm, you have put this together with some tale about a disappearing boy who is either on the train or not, and you fear they may all be hiding in my coffeepot, and you are embarrassed to ask me to have it searched. Is that it?” “Yes,” said the Chef du Train, in a tiny voice this time. “The boy was put on the train in your car.” “Tut, tut,” said the king. “That wasn’t very security-minded of your people, was

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