Live From Mongolia: From Wall Street Banker to Mongolian News Anchor

Live From Mongolia: From Wall Street Banker to Mongolian News Anchor

Patricia Sexton

Language: English

Pages: 246

ISBN: 082530797X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In 2006, author Patricia Sexton set out on a journey most of us have only fantasized about. She quit her job to pursue her dream. Thirty years old and a rising star at a Wall Street investment bank, Patricia wanted nothing more than to work as a foreign correspondent. So, that's just what she did, moving to Mongolia after landing an internship at the country's national TV station. Live from Mongolia follows Patricia's unlikely journey from Wall Street to Ulan Bator. Not only does Patricia manage to get promoted to anchor of the Mongolian news, she also meets some unusual people following unusual dreams of their own. There's the Mongolian hip-hop star who worked in London restaurants to make his dream come true or the French corporate exec now tracking endangered horses in the steppe. All this whilePatricia is living with Mongolian Mormons, camping with nomads in the Gobi desert, and even crashing Genghis Khan's 800th anniversary party. But of course Patricia has her fair share of stumbles, including a brief return to Wall Street--even after meeting with the president of CNN. Live from Mongolia is the story of this ongoing journey--from a corporate career to a dream job Patricia hadn't even imagined she would land.

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interests in mind. Together, they kicked out their common enemy. In return for the general’s heroic leadership, the Mongolian government named the city’s square after him. Better still, they built a statue in his honor, erecting it on a site considered to be auspicious because the general’s horse may have urinated on the very same spot during a rally in the summer of 1921. Now, still silent, Urna parked and led me to the square, as if she were paying homage to the general himself. The relentless

pinching her thumb and forefinger to illustrate just how little. “Me neither,” I said, pointing at myself and shrugging. “Well, Mongolian, of course,” I added, trying to make a joke. Batma looked at me blankly for a minute, then laughed anyway. While she served tea to Urna, I went back outside to collect my bags. The wind had picked up, and I stood still for a moment, taking in my surroundings. Sitting on a cement stoop in front of my host family’s apartment building was a wrinkled old woman

on the light; and long, lustrous, fiery red tresses, which I’d soon find out didn’t match her gentle personality. In a word, Meg was just gorgeous. And she didn’t appear to have spent much time working at it; she was sporting worn-out clothing and even more worn-out gear. Meg was just twenty years old and a pre-med student from a small town in Maine. This was her first experience living overseas. She’d also come to Mongolia to intern but at the State Second Maternity Hospital in Ulaanbaatar,

for four long hours. Four hours, it happens, is precisely one hour too long to spend riding anything short of a Land Cruiser. The iridescent beauty of the steppe had worn off long ago, and I was grumpy. I was so uncomfortable in my wooden saddle that I‘d even begun to find the fields of buttercups infuriating. “How much longer?” I groaned to no one in particular. “You think you’re in pain?” Jason asked, pointing at his groin. “Is it far?” I asked the guide, who was riding patiently alongside us.

Guenther suddenly shouted in English. “Come!” he ordered, leading the three of us into the pub next door. Tipping back the handle of the tap, he poured four steins of lager. Mongolians aren’t exactly beer drinkers; they overwhelmingly prefer their dairy cocktails. In fact, the average German drinks 160 times the single liter of beer that a Mongolian will consume in an entire year’s time. However, the Chinggis brand is beginning to grow on the locals, and for good reason—the brewery manages to

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