Love and Freindship: And Other Youthful Writings (Penguin Classics)

Love and Freindship: And Other Youthful Writings (Penguin Classics)

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0141395117

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Austen’s hilarious early stories and sketches—complete with her delightfully quirky spelling habits—now collected in one volume, including Lady Susan, the basis for Whit Stillman's feature film Love and Friendship starring Kate Beckinsale and Chloë Sevigny

Jane Austen’s earliest writing dates from when she was just eleven-years-old, and already shows the hallmarks of her mature work. But it is also a product of the times in which she grew up—dark, grotesque, often surprisingly bawdy, and a far cry from the polished, sparkling novels of manners for which she became famous. Drunken heroines, babies who bite off their mothers’ fingers, and a letter-writer who has murdered her whole family all feature in these highly spirited pieces. This edition includes all of Austen’s juvenilia, including her “History of England” - written by a 'partial, prejudiced and ignorant Historian and the novella Lady Susan, in which the anti-heroine schemes and cheats her way through high society. With a title that captures a young Austen’s original idiosyncratic spelling habits and an introduction by Christine Alexander that shows how Austen was self-consciously fashioning herself as a writer from an early age, this is a must-have for any Austen lover.


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alliance your hearty approbation.—I have never before mentioned the likelihood of its taking place to any one, because I thought that while Frederica continued at school, it had better not be known to exist;—but now, as I am convinced that Frederica is too old ever to submit to school confinement, and have therefore begun to consider her union with Sir James as not very distant, I had intended within a few days to acquaint yourself and Mr Vernon with the whole business.—I am sure my dear Sister,

mainland and the Isle of Wight, not understood to be dangerous. 19. fit of the gout: An inflammatory disease resulting from the overconsumption of rich foods and alcohol, an appropriate malady for the gluttonous Mr Gower. 20. that favourite character of Sir Charles Grandison’s, a nurse: An allusion to Sir Charles Grandison’s advice to marry, since ‘Womens sphere is the house, and their shining-place the sick chamber’ (Vol. III, Letter XI). 21. required the Paddock … enliven the structure: The

afforded her, occupied her mind, for some time, as she sate on the steps at the door of a Gentleman’s house. As soon as these reflections were ended, she arose and determined to take her station at the very inn, she remembered with so much delight, from the Company of which, as they went in and out, she hoped to receive some Charitable Gratuity.26 She had but just taken her post at the Innyard before a Carriage drove out of it, and on turning the Corner at which she was stationed, stopped to

on it. They had continued therefore for sometime conversing in this manner on the character of Richard the 3d,85 which he was warmly defending when he suddenly seized hold of her hand, and exclaiming with great emotion, ‘Upon my honour you are entirely mistaken,’ pressed it passionately to his lips, and ran out of the arbour. Astonished at this behaviour, for which she was wholly unable to account, she continued for a few Moments motionless on the Seat where he had left her, and was then on the

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