Lucy on the Ball

Lucy on the Ball

Ilene Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 27


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Absolutely Lucy series, book #4

Ilene Cooper's fourth story of a boy and his beagle takes Bobby and Lucy into the wild playing fields of grade-school soccer.

Every kid loves soccer, right? Not Bobby. He likes to watch sports, but he doesn't really like to play them. He'd rather play with his beagle puppy, Lucy. But when Bobby's friend Shawn begs him to join up, Bobby finds himself stuck on a soccer team with a stern coach and several kids who have a knack for the sport. Even Lucy is better than Bobby at moving a soccer ball down the field!

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hug. He didn’t like thunder, either, but he wanted to show Lucy he was brave. The rain had lightened a little by the time Bobby came downstairs for breakfast. His father was making what he called “the best oatmeal ever!” Every time Mr. Quinn said that, Bobby replied, “There’s no such thing as the best oatmeal because all oatmeal is bad.” “Nonsense, Bobby,” Mr. Quinn said, putting a steaming bowl in front of him. “Oatmeal is good and good for you.” Bobby looked down at his oatmeal. Maybe it

lemonade. The calendar said September, but it still felt like August outside. Ben, Shawn’s younger brother, came into the kitchen. “I’m bored.” He looked at Shawn and Bobby hopefully. Bobby knew what that meant. Ben wanted to hang out with them. Shawn shook his head. “We’re busy, Ben.” Mrs. Taylor said, “I’m going to the garage to pack some summer things away. It’s supposed to get colder this week. I don’t want Ben underfoot, so please watch him.” “Mom! Bobby and I are practicing,” said

they saw Candy. She ran over to them. “Hi, guys! I wondered where you were. The coach is about to start,” she told them. Before the boys could say anything, Candy went on. “There are seven boys and four girls here. Dexter from our class is one of them. In this league, we play with seven kids on the field.” Candy counted on her fingers. She wasn’t very good at math. “That means four kids will sit out at every game. Of course, that doesn’t mean for the whole game. The coach can take players in

and out—” A shrill whistle blast stopped Candy in the middle of her sentence. “We better get going,” Bobby said. Shawn and Candy hurried toward the field. Bobby lagged behind. Coach Morris blew on his whistle once more. “Team! When you hear this whistle you stop what you’re doing. You look at me.” All the kids looked at him. “We are here to play soccer,” he told them. “We will practice hard. That will turn us into a good team. Then we will play hard.” Some of the kids were nodding. Shawn

yet,” Coach Morris answered for Bobby. “She needs to learn how to control herself first. A game would get her too excited.” Once all the team had gathered, Coach Morris began his pep talk. “I know this is your first game. But I expect to see good offense and defense out there.” He called out several names, including Dexter’s and Tim’s. The coach told those kids they would be forwards, the players in charge of moving the ball toward the Rockets’ goal. Bobby was one of the defenders. He would

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