Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography: From Grantham to the Falklands

Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography: From Grantham to the Falklands

Charles Moore

Language: English

Pages: 1284


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With unequaled authority and dramatic detail, the first volume of Charles Moore's authorized biography of Margaret Thatcher reveals as never before the early life, rise to power, and first years as prime minister of the woman who transformed Britain and the world in the late twentieth century.

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interview in the Daily Telegraph, Mrs Thatcher paired with a Labour candidate, Joan Lestor, to talk about what women politicians should wear. On hats, she said: ‘I enjoy them. But they must have a good line and I can’t stand bits and bobs.’ On party colour: ‘I adore red, but of course I can only wear it at home or on holiday.’*29 On jewellery: ‘I enjoy it, but it mustn’t overwhelm the person or the occasion.’ On wearing black, she took a position from which she later diverged: ‘I used to love

she received Robert Conquest,*14 the historian of Stalin’s purges and critic of rapprochement with the Soviet Union, Reece had warned her in advance that her visitor liked plenty to drink. Reece had arranged for Conquest to arrive at nine-thirty in the morning, but Mrs Thatcher enjoyed the conversation so much that it was still going strong at noon: because of Reece’s advice, she was able to go to the fridge and produce champagne.48, *15 — Avoiding the delicate domestic political situation, Mrs

a wish to call on Mrs Thatcher to renew their friendship’.95 ‘They sparked,’ said Richard Allen,*27 who witnessed the encounter.96 Mrs Thatcher confided in Reagan her rather unfavourable evaluation of President Carter, before urging him to ‘keep working for his goals. She told him that while it might be too late to turn things around in her country, she hoped not and, in any case, would do everything she could to make a success of it.’97 In one of his regular weekly radio broadcasts, Reagan, who

reported in Finchley Times, 10 Mar. 1972 ( 24. Speech to Devon Conservatives, 29 July 1972, reported in Exeter Express and Echo, 31 July 1972 (Christopher Collins, ed., Complete Public Statements of Margaret Thatcher 1945–90 on CD-ROM, Oxford University Press, 1998/2000). 25. THCR 4/4. 26. Ibid. 27. Ibid. 28. Airey Neave, diary (unpublished). 29. Ibid. 30. Letter from Carol Thatcher to Muriel Cullen, 30 Aug. 1973. 31. Thatcher, The Path to

Dennis Walters, Not Always with the Pack, Constable, 1989, pp. 102–3. But note that in fact the ‘bloody Jew’ mentioned, Peter Goldman, was not shortlisted for Finchley. He was to be the unlucky victim of the Liberal by-election triumph in Orpington in 1962. *20 Keith Joseph (1918–94), 2nd baronet; educated Harrow and Magdalen College, Oxford; Conservative MP for Leeds North East, 1956–87; Secretary of State for Social Services, 1970–74; for Industry, 1979–81; for Education and Science, 1981–6;

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