Mermaid Curse: The Black Pearl

Mermaid Curse: The Black Pearl

Louise Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 56


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Since her family moved to Cornwall, Lizzy's world has been turned upside down by the discovery that she has a long-lost brother, Kes, and even more amazingly that their mother is a mermaid. Now Lizzy and her new family must bravely battle the evil sea queen and her terrfying servant, for Lizzy has a powerful treasure and the sea queen will stop at nothing to get it.

Exciting and full of dark mystery and suspense, ideal for girls of 8–10 who love stories with an edge.

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talk to him,’ said Dad. ‘Has he regained consciousness yet?’ ‘Yes, but he’s not making much sense I was talking to the ward sister earlier, and she told me that he just keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. It’s a funny word; now, what was it…?’ Mum frowned, thinking. ‘Oh, yes: “Tegenn”. Something like that, anyway.’ Dad shook his head. ‘Never heard anything like it before.’ ‘Nor me,’ Rose added. No one was looking at Lizzy. But she felt as if her insides had suddenly frozen up

interested.’ She felt her face turning red. ‘Well…’ ‘You and half the town! Don’t worry about it – I expect he’d like to meet you too. You’ll have to come round and say hello sometime. Not today, though.’ He looked out to sea, then pointed. ‘There he is, see? The boat with the dark-red sail, heading down the coast. He wanted to go out on his own, to have a look at some of his old haunts. He and Dad used to go to the caves along there years ago, to watch the seals.’ ‘Oh. Right.’ Lizzy tried to

you know where Morvyr and Kes are?’ Arhans chittered eagerly and tossed her head. ‘Can you take a message to them without Taran or her servants knowing?’ The dolphins seemed to confer together, then Arhans whistled what Lizzy thought was agreement. ‘All right. Then tell them that I’ve come home and I’ve found Tegenn. Ask Morvyr if she can meet me somewhere – anywhere – and, if that’s not safe, bring word to me from her. Will you do that?’ Arhans whistled again. Jack reached out and stroked

foolish. So, we will take you to a place where you can learn some sense.’ He showed his teeth again. ‘A place where none of your friends will ever find you.’ ‘No!’ Kes shouted. ‘I won’t go with you! You can’t make me!’ ‘Oh, we can. Because, you see, if you try to fight us, we will hurt your mother.’ He turned his head and hissed into the darkness. Moments later something came swimming towards them, and Kes drew in his breath sharply. Another cuttlefish, as big as the first – and grasped in its

lifeboat got a line to the trawler, a whole lot of dolphins suddenly appeared and started jumping around, like they were trying to attract attention. They were making a huge fuss, so the cox turned the searchlight on them, and there in the middle of them was this French guy!’ Lizzy and Rose both stared at him in astonishment, then Lizzy whispered, ‘The dolphins were helping him?’ ‘Looks like it. They found him and held him up till he was rescued.’ ‘Wow!’ said Rose, awed. ‘I’ve heard stories

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