Mermaid Curse: The Rainbow Pool

Mermaid Curse: The Rainbow Pool

Louise Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 52

ISBN: 0141322276

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Since her family moved to Cornwall, Lizzy's world has been turned upside down by the discovery that she has a long-lost brother, Kes, and even more amazingly that their mother is a mermaid. Now Kes is blackmailed by the evil mermaid queen into parting with the precious silver pearl which makes her even more powerful.

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had died when she was too young to remember them. ‘I’m not jealous,’ Rose went on suddenly. ‘Honest, I’m not. You’ve found your real mum and dad, and that’s amazing. I just wish…’ She stopped again. ‘I wish it could happen for you as well,’ Lizzy told her gently. ‘Oh, Rose – if only it could come true for you the way it has for me!’ Suddenly, impulsively, she gave Rose a hug, putting all her strength into it. ‘Yeah, well.’ Embarrassed, Rose wriggled free and wiped her eyes with an impatient

on, hurry up and follow them, or they’ll leave you behind!’ Lizzy flashed her a grateful look that said more than words, and ran after Kes and Jack. Chapter Twelve With her mainsail hoisted, Silvie sped with the wind across the bay and headed up the coast towards the cove where Morvyr was waiting. Kes was fascinated. He had never been in a boat before, and he wanted to know the proper names for everything on board. He was thrilled when he was allowed to take over the tiller for a while,

started to climb up towards her. He had willed himself to change from a merboy to fully human shape, and he climbed with an effortless ease that Lizzy envied. She reached out to help him up the last steep metre and he scrambled on to the grass beside her. ‘Oh, Kes, I’m so glad to see you! I’ve been worried out of my mind! Are you all right?’ She was smiling happily and eagerly, but the smile faded as she saw Kes’s grim expression. ‘What is it?’ she asked in sudden alarm. ‘Is Taran still looking

Mother free too. But if we don’t…’ He didn’t finish the sentence, but the look in his eyes said everything. Lizzy whispered starkly, ‘She wants the silver pearl.’ ‘Yes! How did you know?’ ‘Father told me all about the pearls. There are nine of them, and they were set into Queen Kara’s crown. But when Taran stole the crown –’ ‘So, she’s not the real Queen. She is a usurper! I knew it; I’ve always thought it, but no one would ever say – not even Mother.’ ‘It gets worse,’ said Lizzy. ‘She’s a

you’ve got the silver pearl, but she doesn’t know that Father’s come back with the black one. Whatever happens, she mustn’t find out.’ Suddenly he scrambled to his feet. ‘Where is Father? I’ve got to see him – and we have to tell him what’s happened!’ ‘We can’t,’ Lizzy said in distress. ‘He’s not here – he went out with Mr Treleaven on his fishing boat this morning. They won’t be back till tomorrow or the day after.’ Kes’s face fell, and Lizzy felt a surge of sympathy. He was as desperate to

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