Molly Twinkletail Runs Away (Magic Animal Friends #2)

Molly Twinkletail Runs Away (Magic Animal Friends #2)

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 054568644X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the mind of Daisy Meadows comes a new fantasy world, with the same great magical voice as Rainbow Magic but brand-new adventures!

Best friends Jess and Lily visit Friendship Forest, where animals can talk and magic exists!

The girls are excited to go to the Friendship Forest fair, but Grizelda the witch wants to spoil everyone's fun! When her sneaky helpers, the Boggits, trick little Molly Twinkletail into running away, will Jess and Lily be able to find the tiny mouse?

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Lily asked, “why did you bring us here? Is Grizelda back?” The cat shook her golden head. “Not yet, I’m happy to say!” She smiled. “I’ve brought you here because there’s a fair in Sunshine Meadow today. I thought you might like to come.” The girls looked at each other excitedly. “We’d love to!” Lily said. “So that’s why everyone looks so busy,” exclaimed Jess. “They’re getting ready for the fair!” Harry was pushing his wheelbarrow back across the clearing. It was now filled with so many nuts

that he couldn’t see over the top, and his steering was off. As the girls and Goldie dodged out of Harry’s way, Jess’s little sketchbook fell from the pocket of her shorts. She bent to pick it up, but a tiny golden-brown mouse got there first. “I’ll get it!” the mouse squeaked. Lily held her breath as the mouse struggled to lift the sketchbook. She’s so small, I could hold her with just one hand, she thought to herself. “I’m doing it! I’m doing it!” panted the mouse. She managed to lift the

hungry!” She ran to a nearby tree, scampering up the stairs carved into the trunk and onto a branch where a pretty little cottage stood. A delicious aroma wafted from its open windows. “Will you wait and take me to Sunshine Meadow with you?” Molly called down. “Of course,” said Goldie. “Just ask your mom and dad if it’s okay first.” Molly scurried indoors. A moment later, Jess and Lily saw nine little mouse faces at the windows. Molly’s brothers and sisters! They waved, then Molly herself

“Good luck, Goldie. Good luck, young misses!” He took the rope in his beak and flew silently away. Goldie led the girls around the hill, creeping from tree to tree. As they got closer to the Treasure Tree, Jess noticed some crumbs on the ground. She looked down. “Hazelnut chips!” she said softly. “Molly’s definitely here somewhere. I hope the Boggits haven’t noticed her!” “We’d better make sure we find her first,” whispered Lily. They peeked out from behind a tree trunk. The Treasure Tree was

toward Brightley Stream, which flowed at the bottom of the Harts’ garden. She paused and looked back at the girls. “She wants us to follow her,” cried Jess. “She must be taking us back to Friendship Forest!” Goldie jumped across the stepping-stones that crossed the stream and the girls skipped after her. They followed Goldie to the middle of Brightley Meadow, where a bare oak tree stood. As the cat reached it, leaves and blossoms sprang from its branches, bringing the tree to life. Bees buzzed

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