Moods of Future Joys Around the World by Bike--Part 1

Moods of Future Joys Around the World by Bike--Part 1

Alastair Humphreys

Language: English

Pages: 334


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

his enthralling account details Alastair Humphrey’s epic journey across Africa, through Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya. His experience is at times brutal, and though he faces loneliness, despair, and harsh conditions, he also survives through trust in the kindness of strangers. Moods of Future Joys is the story of the first remarkable stage of the expedition. Just two weeks into the ride the September 11th attacks, and the war that followed, changed everything.

All Humphreys' plans went out the window and, instead of riding towards Australia, he suddenly found himself pedalling through the Middle East and Africa and on towards Cape Town. But his journey did not end there.

In fact, this was only the beginning...

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need to hide under a bridge or in a forest? Should I ask permission to camp? It’s always safer and more interesting, but do I have the energy tonight to explain my life to strangers yet again? Do I have the strength to ride fast until darkness or would I rather loaf early with a book, popcorn and a cup of tea? Do I have enough food and water to stop for the night? I set myself daily targets, choosing a time, a distance or a hilltop that has to be gained before I allow myself to begin scouting

for a campsite. I am an expert now at seeking out a place to sleep, weighing up the variables in split seconds as I ride along, knowing that a comfortable, safe, undetected sleep depends on a good decision. I look for places out of sight of people and buildings and the road, and away from dogs that pick up my scent and bark all night. I look for good cover: hills, dead ground, trees, hedges or walls. I look for flat land, grassy or sandy and free of thorns. Running water is an irresistible luxury

large birds of prey circled the heights. It was truly beautiful and there was not a child in sight. The silence hung in tangible enormity around me, the stillness and peace like a vast protective shield. On April Fool’s morning, we locked the bikes in a hotel and hitch-hiked towards the village of Lalibela. High on a lofty escarpment in the central highlands, 13th century monolithic cave churches, hewn down into the bedrock, stand proudly as one of the many Eighth Wonders of the World. It took

were approaching Kuki’s home, with no other building visible in any direction, and bumping down on the rough grassy landing strip and taxiing right to her front door where we were greeted by Kuki’s six Alsatian dogs. Number 7, I was told, had sadly become leopard food just last week. I spent a special few days on Kuki’s 100,000 acre Ol Ari Nyiro ranch that is dedicated to cultural, educational and environmental research. I walked for hours with Eric to inspect beehives made from hollow logs

legs and body were weak and feeble but my mind was fired with life. With the sun close to the black hills and angling into my eyes I rounded a corner and below lay Plettenberg Bay. I had a rush of pride. “I’ve done it! I’ve beaten this damn continent!” I screamed down the pass, adrenalin roaring through my body as I slashed the corners tighter and faster and shouted and shouted in triumph. Tired yet smiling I pulled into the village. Offshore, Southern Right Whales broached to shrieks of delight

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