My Brother's Keeper: The True Story of a Vicious Killing and a Powerful Surf Brotherhood

My Brother's Keeper: The True Story of a Vicious Killing and a Powerful Surf Brotherhood

Angela Kamper, Charles Miranda

Language: English

Pages: 245

ISBN: 1741146038

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The true story of a vicious killing and a powerful surf brotherhood.

A blood smear trailing along a footpath of a suburban Sydney street went largely ignored by local residents accustomed to hoaxes and bloody turf brawls in their beachside suburb. Initially police suspected it was nothing more than animal blood. But at the end of the trail, at the base of a Maroubra cliff, lay the naked body of notorious underworld figure Tony Hines, shot four times at close range. Hines was a man with a history of violence, a rape conviction and a long list of enemies.

In the months following the discovery of his body, police unearthed more than just a killing. They found a story of revenge that would shock the city and the international surfing world. Koby Abberton, one of the most recognisable surfers in the world and face of the sunglasses giant Oakley, was charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder, perverting the course of justice and hindering police. His brother Jai, a popular local surfing identity, was charged with murder after his girlfriend told police an extraordinary tale of the night of the killing.

For local surf gang the Bra Boys' bad publicity is nothing new, but the arrest of two of its founders signalled something a lot deeper.

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South Head Road in Rose Bay, and runs up to a couple of people in the street and asks them to call the police. Rose Bay police attend but she says she will only talk to detectives from Maroubra. Three years earlier, Hines had been charged with twenty-three counts of aggravated sexual offences, kidnapping and assault offences against Rachel Gibbins. The charges were set down for trial, but Rachel attended the office of the DPP and made a statement saying she would no longer give evidence at the

off the cliff again. The body seems a lot heavier now than it had the night before, but after some effort it rolls down into the surf, clipping an outcrop on the way. Jai continues to watch for a while after the body has disappeared into the surf. After a number of sets have crashed into the rock face he stands to clamber back up the cliff. As he does so, he realises the body has left a large blood stain in the shape of a torso on the rock ledge. He swears to himself, but he doesn’t believe

flood of tears. It’s all starting to unravel. She thought Jai had gotten rid of the car. How could it have been found so quickly? Toomer explains that the car has a broken windscreen, and is in Kirrawee. She tells Sarah the car can be towed back to her flat at Marine Parade if she likes. The officer then rings Maroubra detectives and speaks with Senior Constable Forsyth and tells him of the car belonging to a woman from Marine Parade found abandoned in Kirrawee. 131 Brother's Keeper PAGES

10:54 AM Page 145 THE SWOOP go to his brothers. If I ask him questions he just gets aggro.’ ‘What do you mean by aggro?’ a police officer asks. ‘Just angry, he tells me to mind my own business.’ ◆ On 18 August at 11.50 am, Browne receives a telephone call in his office at the State Crime Command from solicitor Paul Hardin. Hardin says his client Jai Abberton wants to come in and asks if they could meet detectives at 2 pm at the Surry Hills police station, attached to the Sydney Police Centre

not stupid, I put two and two together and I’ve just weighed it up. I’ve just been sick ever since. I’ve just kept bottling it up inside ever since. I haven’t spoken to anyone,’ Brian tells police. 149 Brother's Keeper PAGES 21/9/06 10:54 AM Page 150 MY BROTHER’S KEEPER He finishes his statement with a few short words about Jai. ‘No, he’s got a good heart, he’d do anything for anyone. Shit, if you’re broke and you need fifty and he’s got it he’ll buy you a beer. ‘He’s got a really big

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