Neil and Me

Neil and Me

Scott Young

Language: English

Pages: 408

ISBN: 0771070594

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Scott Young chronicles his son’s early years in and around Toronto and Winnipeg and his rise from journeyman, musician to superstar in the 1960s and 1970s. The frequent occasions when Scott and Neil’s paths have crossed – from backstage meetings and family get-togethers to a sold-out appearance at Carnegie Hall – give a fascinating portrait of an enigmatic star.

From the Paperback edition.

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and early twenties) didn’t know how to handle the fame, the women, the travel, and their own interpersonal rivalries, so after two hectic years (which including fill-in playing by Jim Fielder, Ken Koblun, and Jim Messina, because Bruce was busted a couple of times) Springfield split. Neil made one album of his own work before hooking up with three musicians with whom he played as Neil Young and Crazy Horse (February ’69 to the present, off and on). His first Crazy Horse musicians were Danny

December 27, 1956, I got my first egg. From then to summer I made around ten dollars clearance per week. In mid-summer I got more chickens and doubled my profits. My father had told me not to be surprised if we moved. I didn’t really think we ever would move, anyway, so I thought nothing of it then. But one day it happened. We were forced to move to Toronto because of my father’s work. I was asked to sell my chickens to my neighbours. When I finish school I plan to go to Ontario Agricultural

take him on my shoulders. Neil said, “You two remind me of when Granddad came to stay with us in Omemee. I never let him out of my sight.” I had almost forgotten that long-ago visit of my father’s but it gave extra meaning to now. At night, after dinner at the ranch house, Neil and the others often would sit in the kitchen on wooden chairs, playing and singing a little. “Try this,” Neil would say, or someone else would say, and the music would go on for a few intricate or simple passages and

supper with a rubber ball, as she had few other playmates nearby. I don’t remember being lonely, but she does. I sometimes wore the bankers’ castoff clothes, which was noted unkindly by my mainly affluent high-school classmates. I had no cash allowance. Sometimes when Mother gave me money and a grocery list, I would pack a thirty-five-cent pound of butter or other relatively costly items low in a bag of potatoes (two cents a pound) to swindle for myself a little money to take a girl named Betty

Christmas, sometimes would call me on the phone, and in later years worked in many of Neil’s travel crews. 16 Travelling Music DURING THE PERIOD WHEN Carrie and Neil were in the process of breaking up, plans were being made for CSNY to get together and record the promised album from their tour. The idea was to do it in Sausalito, a few miles from San Francisco, early in the New Year. Just before Christmas, Neil and Pegi Morton met for the first time through mutual friends. When she

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