Playboy's Party Jokes 5

Playboy's Party Jokes 5

Editors of Playboy Magazine

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If you're one of the more than five million people who bought Playboy's Party Jokes, More Playboy's Party Jokes, Still More Playboy's Party Jokes and New Playboy's Party Jokes, you'll want to add to your laugh-filled library with this - our fifth and funniest collection of new jokes, limericks, cartoons and Femlins.

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1st new rack-size collection in over 3 years PLAYBOY'S Party Jo~eS~ ITORS OF PLAYBOY ___Jemlin illustrations by uRoy Neiman q~p PLAYBOY PRESS A nd, of course. you've also heard about the ingenious rhemist who_imented an aphrodisiac insecti. A fter trying to fix u flat tire during ,, raging blizzard, the }Oung man jumped hack into the <

declared proudly as he emerged from his workshop. "Big deal," his wife grumbled. "Who needs a fluffy martini?" The 17 -year-old girl had just been told by her physician that she was pregnant. "If only I'd gone to the movies with my parents that night," she lamented. "Well, why didn't you?" the doctor asked. "I couldn't," the girl sobbed. "The film was rated X." The recently married gentleman came home after a day at the office to find his young wife stretched languorously on the sofa. dressed in

said, " ir 's no"' c ighr bells. for you me n in lir e arrrr y. i!', nu l\· o h c i)(lll hundred. Allll for all yo u office rs, " he con cluded, "'lir e liule lrand "s on ciglrr a nd rhc hi)( ha nd 's on rwcl ve." S '\'e r al rnenrbers of a rc: rnpcranc-e lca!,'lJC approached a !lO-rear-old IC('IOr a lcr for a resrirnonial detla r in)( rlrar his longcvir y was du e lo ;r lif'c of ab, re rllion f'ronr alcohol. The old geurleruau "rid he would be plca,ed ru sigu suc h a sral c rn en r a nd wa' in

''I'm going to ea t yott." "For <:od's sake," Red replied. "does n't anybody screw an p n orc?" :37 1- The wea lth y financier was sittin~ in his stud y, when his eldest so n came 10 him. " Dad," the boy stamm e re rl , "l got a girl in trouble . a nd she wants two thousand dollars to keep quiet a bout it." T he father reluctantl y wrote a check for th e a m o unt , but just as h e finished signing it. hi ~ seco nd son burst in with the same bad n ew~. o nly this tim e th e amo unt re quested

she teased. "Not so fast," he protested. "All I want now is a kiss." 69 OL O ur Unabashed Dictio nary d e fin es bachelor as a gm with a strong will looking fo r a girl with a '' t>ak ,,·o n't. The handsome president requeste d th at th e company psychiatrist further scree n the three goodlooking girls for the j ob o f private secre ta r y. Deciding to usc a sta ndard psycho logical plo y, the gentleman asked each o f the applica nts the sa me question-"How much d o two a nd two m a ke?" T

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