Playboy's Party Jokes, No. 7

Playboy's Party Jokes, No. 7

Editors of Playboy Magazine

Language: English

Pages: 159

ISBN: 2:00263397

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Synopsis from Amazon: Seven Is your lucky number if you re looking for the most laugh-filled buy of the year Cover to cover, PLAYBOY'S PARTY JOKES 7 Is bursting with fun-uproarious Jokes, raucous cartoons, frisky Femlins, and spicy limericks. Its 100% pure laughter from start to finish

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thighs were cove r in~ m y ears." ~ Two elde rl y park-benchers we re discussin g their sexual situation. " You know , Sa m," said o ne, " I understa nd tha t eatin g oysters puts lead in }'o ur pe ncil. Why don't we try it?" " I don't know a bo u t you." replied Sam, "but at m y age I don't h ave ma n y women to write to." I luc ked Ill )' husband ou t or the house last IH·ek for playing aro und wi th a number of ot her wo me n," said the attracti1·e young ho use"·ifc. "<111d now he wa nts

"Let's call it a case of overreaction," groa ned the patie nt. "A fter the d a nce and a ha mbu rge r, we d rove over a nd parked in Memorial Grove. Matters proceeded nicely, and she be{,ra n to g1ve me a ta nta lizing ly slow ha nd j ob-but the n some jerk in the car alo ngside began to whistle the sc hool fi ght son g!" An obse rvant acquai nta nce of o urs points out that fe ma le pubic hair may di splay marked variatio n in colo r , te xture a nd a bunda nce , but the re is one unc ha n{,ring

." ( Urt A man vacation ing- a t a nudist cam p for the first time was surprised to sec a large sig n a l the ed ge the woods tha t read : BEW ARE OF II O MOSEX Ui\ LS! A little way into th e woo d s, h e ca me across a n o ther sign a nd th en ano the r and the n a who le ser ies of them. each slight ly smaller a nd lowe r tha n the last, but all ,,·ith the same wordin g: BEWARE 01' of lt O~IOSEXUAL.S! FinJ Ji y. he came upon a very small sig n. a nd he to bend ,,·ay over to make it o

Can you inw.gine what kind offilthy degenerate would do a thing lille that?'' Our Un:tbashcd Dictionary defines impotent actor as a bondess ham. Bah)'... boasted the well-oiled conventioneer, ''I'm ~onna make love to you like you've never had it before!" Half an hour later, his heel companion pulled a feather out of the pillow and began to tap him on the forehead with it. "He(' mumbled the man , "what's that about?" "\\'ell. co mparati,·ely speaking. mister (o,·cr-boy ," yawned the girl. ''I'm

dead. " ~fy <; ld "ex !aimed the P" chi.tu i~t . "h \\a,n't lh • dog lood, wa it?" "1'\o, Doctor," she H phc..>

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