Revenge of the Horned Bunnies (Dragonbreath #6)

Revenge of the Horned Bunnies (Dragonbreath #6)

Ursula Vernon

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0803736770

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ride 'em, cowboy! Danny's off to summer camp! Danny Dragonbreath is counting down the days to his awesome western summer camp . . . until he gets the terrible news that his annoying younger cousin Spencer is going too. Good-bye, Danny the Cowboy; Hello, Danny the Babysitter. But when Spencer befriends a mythical jackalope (or horned bunny) and then uncovers a diabolical jackalope-napping ring, things start looking up again. After all, if you need a math problem solved, you call a nerd. But if you need a villainous ring of horned-bunnynappers broken up, you call Danny Dragonbreath. The sixth book in this laugh-until-smoke-comes-out-of- your-nose series is perfect for Wimpy Kid and Bad Kitty fans everywhere.

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Christiana and Wendell were writing the letters, nobody would even suspect they were kids. Wendell actually had his own letterhead.) “Fiiiiine,” said Spencer, drawing out the word with a long sigh. “So how do we do that?” “We’ll have to get more information,” said Christiana. “And that means somebody has to follow Lenny.” “I’ll do it,” said Danny. “I’m totally sneaky!” Wendell looked dubious, but since the iguana sounded like a bull moose wearing clogs when he tried to sneak anywhere, he

car and took him away!” said Christiana happily. “Apparently Lenny had been stealing money from the camp, and there was a big audit coming, so he was desperate for money!” “I bet he was selling jackalope horns to make money to cover his tracks,” said Wendell. “That jerk!” Danny couldn’t believe it. “He stole money AND jackalopes? Man, I hope he goes to jail forever.” “No, no, no!” Christiana waved her hands. “That’s not the best part! You’re not going to believe this! Guess where they found

collect her. Danny caught Spencer looking at him. He wondered if his cousin had seen him and Wendell punching each other, and felt a twinge of guilt. Then he remembered the last three levels of Poison Sands, where he had died and been wa-waaaaah’d at more than seventeen times. The guilt immediately disappeared. The next few minutes were a whirl of unpacking, meeting the other guys in the cabin, and claiming bunks. (One of the nice things about Wendell was that he was always willing to take

the bottom bunk.) When they went to dinner, Danny caught sight of Spencer across the room, at a table full of kids. He was talking nonstop to a small gecko who wore a glazed expression. That was good. Clearly Spencer was fitting in fine, and more importantly, had found someone else to bother. Girls sat with girls, and boys sat with boys, that being the immutable law of the universe, and since you ate with your cabin mates, it wasn’t challenged here. Danny caught sight of Christiana with her

liked hearing about TV shows he hadn’t seen. Clearly there were more important issues at stake. “Does he know what’s happened to his family?” Spencer shook his head. “He’s not sure. He was hiding too, and when he finally came back home, they were gone. And lots of other jackalopes have been vanishing too.” “Could they have gotten sick? Or gotten rabies? Rabies can go through a population like crazy.” He gave Jack a wary look, as if expecting him to start foaming at the mouth at any moment.

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