Royce: The life, times, best jokes and funniest photos of America's favorite clean comedian

Royce: The life, times, best jokes and funniest photos of America's favorite clean comedian

Royce Elliot

Language: English

Pages: 124

ISBN: 2:00263660

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


A joke book from comedian Royce Elliot

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Doctor On The Boil (Doctor Series, Book 9)

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Polish guy whipped out a razor on me. I'm just glad he couldn't find a place to plug it in. * * * I went to a bar called the Gay 90's. All the men were gay and all the women were 90. I noticed at the bar there were two guys holding hands. I looked at 04 this booth and two girls had their arms around each other. Finally, I turned to the guy I was dancing with and said, "What kind of place is this?" * * * Three gay guys rolled an old lady and two of them held her down while the other fixed her

and said, 'just put in 'Stein Died'. The clerk replied that there was a five word minimum. Mrs. Stein said, "O.K. Make it 'Stein Died, Cadillac For Sale."' * * * A jewish golfer sliced a ball into a crowd and yelled "Three-ninety-eight." * * * A guy bought an island for the purpose of developing it. He hired a French architect, a German engineer and a Chinese guy to head up the supplies department. They flew over to survey the island to begin the development 06 and the Chinaman disappeared.

a swimsuit in his size. "So would I," said the salesman. * * * A guy calls his doctor and a little boy answers. "Hi, is the doctor in?" says the man. "No," says the boy. Do you have 62 any idea when he'll be home?'' the man asks. "No, I don't," the boy tells him. "He had an eternity case." * * * He wore a yellow coat and five dogs thought he was a fire hydrant. * * * A burglar broke into his apartment and left him a dollar. * * * He told his kid about the birds and the bees and his kid

his dog and said to the bartender, ''I'll bet you a house drink this dog can talk." The bartender said, "Okay, but I'm not in the mood for any tricks. Either that dog talks or you buy the house a 96 drink." The drunk agreed and asked the dog, "Who was the greatest baseball player in history?" The dog said "Roof, Roof." The bartender threw the drunk and his dog out on the sidewalk and the dog looked up and said, "Did 1 screw that up? Was it DiMaggio?" * * * A bum stopped a guy and said, "Will

psychiatrist, "Doc, You gotta help me. ''The Doc said, "What do you do?" He said, "I'm a mechanic, and the Doc said, "Lay under the couch." 9Q IIIII A guy said, "Doc, I've got this complex. I keep thinking I'm a dog." The doctor said, "How long have you suffered with this delusion?" The guy said, "Ever since I was a pup." * * * DOCTORS * * * A guy said, "Doc, I've got this terrible memory problem" and the doctor said, "Pay me in advance." * * * The patient said, "Doc, my leg's killing me,

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