Stages on Life's Way : Kierkegaard's Writings, Vol 11

Stages on Life's Way : Kierkegaard's Writings, Vol 11

Language: English

Pages: 808

ISBN: 0691020493

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Stages on Life's Way, the sequel to Either/Or, is an intensely poetic example of Kierkegaard's vision of the three stages, or spheres, of existence: the esthetic, the ethical, and the religious. With characteristic love for mystification, he presents the work as a bundle of documents fallen by chance into the hands of "Hilarius Bookbinder," who prepared them for printing. The book begins with a banquet scene patterned on Plato's Symposium. (George Brandes maintained that "one must recognize with amazement that it holds its own in this comparison.") Next is a discourse by "Judge William" in praise of marriage "in answer to objections." The remainder of the volume, almost two-thirds of the whole, is the diary of a young man, discovered by "Frater Taciturnus," who was deeply in love but felt compelled to break his engagement. The work closes with a letter to the reader from Taciturnus on the three "existence-spheres" represented by the three parts of the book.

Stages on Life's Way not only repeats themes, characters, and pseudonymous authors of the earlier works but also goes beyond them and points to further development of central ideas in Concluding Unscientific Postscript.

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in another paragraph. Here I shall only say that he does not become dialectical in choosing the tragic higher passion out of the comic and the tragic, because then I could not make use of him at all, but he becomes dialectical in the final expression of this very passion. Without this, I could not use him, either, for therein lies precisely a demonic qualification of approximation to the religious. In order to throw light on the imaginary construction, I shall go over the structure. The form of

dialectical repentance, because the repentance seems to come too early), then one demands quick action, for then he is dealing simply and solely with the external, where the poet places no obstacles in his way. If the plan remains fixed, then Hamlet is a kind of loiterer who does not know how to act; if the plan does not remain fixed, he is a kind of self-torturer who torments himself for and with wanting to be something great. Neither of these involves the tragic. 528Rötscher quite correctly

he who is deceived is wiser, because the mind which is not insensible to fine perceptions is easily enthralled by the delights of language. See also JP IV 4840 (Pap. V A 80). 3. See Homer, Odyssey, II, 1-4; Homers Odyssee, I-II, tr. Christian Wilster (Copenhagen: 1837), I, p. 3; Homer The Odyssey, I-II, tr. A. T. Murray (Loeb, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1976-80), I, p. 3. 4. Cf. II Corinthians 3:18. 5. A character in Jean de France, Mascarade, and other comedies by Ludvig Holberg.

386. See Baggesen, “Til Danfanas Døttre,” Værker, III, p. 60 (ed. tr.); Danfana (Copenhagen: 1816-17; ASKB 1508), January 1816, p. 9. 387. Cf. Cicero, Orator, III, 12; M. Tullii Ciceronis opera omnia, I-IV and index, ed. Johann August Ernesti (Halle: 1756-57; ASKB 1224-29), I, p. 656; Brutus Orator, tr. H. M. Hubbell (Loeb, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1971), pp. 313-15: “There indeed is the field for manifold and varied debate, which was first trodden by the feet of Plato.” 388. With

as to honor your late wife’s memory by some outstanding good deed, you to whose happy lot it has fallen to be able to do this, you will by this undertaking also be able to earn a not inconsiderable sum when the book is sold.” I was deeply moved and became even more so when he raised his voice and continued in a raised voice: As far as I am concerned, I ask nothing or as good as nothing; in consideration of the anticipated large profits, all I ask is ten rix-dollars right now and a half pint of

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