Star the Western Pony (Magic Pony Carousel, Book 3)

Star the Western Pony (Magic Pony Carousel, Book 3)

Poppy Shire

Language: English

Pages: 25

ISBN: B00V178RZ6

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Magic Pony Carousel has come to town! Laura loves ponies, and she can't wait to ride Star the western pony. When she climbs on to Star's saddle, the ride takes them back in time to the Wild West, where they must save a baby calf! Will Laura and Star be able to save the day

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forward. “Oh no!” she gasped, as the rope dragged through her fingers and the calf bobbed farther away. “It’s okay,” muttered Star, through gritted teeth. “I’ve got my footing now. Don’t give up!” Laura hauled on the rope again. It felt as though her arms were going to drop off, and the calf didn’t seem any nearer! She could hear shouts from behind her, but they were muffled by the roar of the river. Inch by inch, Star slowly stepped back toward the bank. At last she was wading out of the

back to the others without upsetting her. Hank made it look so easy! Laura felt a thrill of delight. She was on a real-life cattle drive with her own magic pony! “We’d better stay in the background here,” Star said quietly as they drew closer to the wooden buildings. “Okay,” whispered Laura. She leaned forward to stroke Star’s neck. “Can anyone else hear you speak?” she asked. Star shook her mane as though she was shaking off flies. “No,” she replied. “To everyone else, it just sounds like

through before we reach the next camp.” Laura climbed into Star’s saddle. “Shall we follow them?” she whispered. It was hard to know if they needed to go with the cowboys to find out their special task, or if they should stay behind in the little town. Star scraped her front hoof on the ground as if she was thinking. “I think we should go with them,” she said. “After all, I am a cowgirl’s pony!” Laura and Star cantered after the others. They soon caught up with the long line of cattle

down, I promise.” She looked at the calf. He stared back with big, adoring eyes, then mooed again. Laura smiled. He might not know it, but this time the calf had saved her! Now she had a special calf as well as a magic pony. She couldn’t believe her luck! As Red rode on ahead with Luke, the old cowboy turned and gave her a big wink. On they rode, across the plains, with the rocky hills slowly drawing closer. The cowboys spread out along the line of cattle, keeping them from straying too far

Luke pass Jolene a bedroll and nod in Laura’s direction. Jolene didn’t look very happy, but she started to walk over to Laura. “Here. You can borrow this one,” Jolene said in a quiet voice, handing the bedroll over to Laura. It was a beautiful striped red, yellow, and blue blanket. “Thank you!” Laura said, hoping that Jolene might be feeling more friendly. Jolene gave a thin smile and walked away. Laura watched her leave, then laid her blanket out near the horses, so that she could sleep close

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