The Adult Only Joke Book III

The Adult Only Joke Book III

Bret Harris

Language: English

Pages: 450

ISBN: 1741216532

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

First there was one, and then there was a second, now here's the third in the series of Adult Only Joke Books.

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Freddy and Fredericka

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ned to o u , ho ne ?Yo u loo k like you've bee n wres tling an aUigator!' Tite bride groaned , hung o n w the counter a nd managed to • p eak 'Oh o d ! He to ld me h e 'd b een saving up fo r 75 years, and I tJ10ught he meant his mone ~· ! ' n engineer die a.nd reporu. to tht: pearly gates. St Peter dtecks h ' d ~ier and ::t):,,'Ah . yo u ·rl..' an e ngineer - you 're in the rong place.' o , the engineer reporu to th e ga te o f h e ll and is let in . Pretty oon , the engine r ge d . :tti<>fied

you the colour I would like the room?' 'Because across the street I have a crew of blondes laying instant lawn .' t was a really hot day and a blonde decided she would buy a drink. She went to a vending machine and when she put her money in, a can of drink came out. So she kept putting money in. She was the re for so long that a line formed behind her. Finally, a guy in line s:tid, '\V.IJ you hurry up? We're all ho t and thirsty!' I 'No way,' replied the blonde. 'I'm still winning!' Q: How many

be saving lots of hot air that would have otherwise effected global warming. A ousewives: \Vh en nipping out to the shops, remember to carry a stiff broom in the boot of your car. Use it to sweep the broken glass to the side of the road every time you have a min or accident. H omb disposal experts' wives: Keep hubby on his toes by packing his lunchbox with plasticine and an old alarm clock. B us drivers: Pretend you are an airline pilot by wedging your accelerator pedal down with a heavy

tried to stand up in tl1e boat, baited the hook wrong, used the wrong lures, and worst of aU, she caught more fish than me!' THE ADULT ONLY JOK.E BOO~ Ill • 179 THE ADULT ONLY JOKE BOOK Ill think the only reason my husband likes to go fishing so much is that it's the only time he hears someone tell him, 'Wow, that's a big o ne!' I 'what's the biggest fish you ever caught?' 'That would be the o ne that measured 35cm.' 'That's no t so big!' ·nerween the eyes.' y wife gave me an ultimatum three

meet him. The salesman said, 'I couldn't help but notice your pig with the wooden leg. What happened to' That pig is a special pig to us,' replied the farmer. 'Yes sir, he's really a special pig all right .' '\Vhat makes him such a special pig?' That pig saved our lives. Our house caught on frre and he came up on the porch and banged and banged on t11e door and grunted and made such a ruckus that he woke us up. He saved our lives. He sure is a special pig to us.' A THE ADVL1 ONLY JOKE

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