The Big Six

The Big Six

Arthur Ransome

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0224606395

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Minor edge and corner wear. Nice copy. Clean copy, no marks or writing.

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have much of a chance at beardies’ eggs next year, nor yet at buttles’,”1 said Bill. “Now we’ve got her so we can sleep in her, come nesting, we’ll be watching all the time.” Late in the afternoon, when the sun had swung round and the shadows were lengthening, Mrs. Barrable packed up her painting things and stopped a moment by the Death and Glory to say “Good-bye”. “Dick and Dot won’t know her when they see her,” she said. “When are they coming?” asked Bill. “Four days from now.” “We’ll be

not see the floats as he passed. The line tautened again. There was another sudden, long rush, on and on, as if the pike were making for Yarmouth. It stopped. The floats showed on the surface far downstream opposite a big clump of reeds, in the place where they had been lying before the pike had taken the bait. They rested there a moment, bobbed, and came up again close to the reeds. “He’s going back to his holt,” shouted Pete. “Stop him! Stop him! There he go….” The floats shot suddenly

the row of stored tins. “Come on in, Dick. You work in next to Dot. And Tom by the door….” “What’s that?” asked Pete. “Camera,” said Dick, unslinging it. “Better hang it on that peg,” said Joe. “How long have you come for? Are you going to have the old Teasel again?” “Not this time,” said Dorothea. “The Admiral’s too busy painting. But we’re going sailing with Tom in Titmouse” “We’re all going to Ranworth tomorrow,” said Tom. “We’ve just told the Admiral. And Dick and Dot are coming to

with them?” said Dorothea. “They’ll be safe here. Let’s hang them with the rest of the clues.” She pointed to the wall where drawings of tyre-treads, a scrap of grey flannel and a bit of indiarubber tubing hung, each on its nail. “Tedder’s after these shackles,” said Joe. “We’re taking ’em to him just as fast as we can.” “Perhaps it’s safer,” said Dorothea. “Tom and Dick’ll be waiting near the bicycle shop.” They ran round the house and out of the Doctor’s gate and hurried along the road to

with the same green paint that Pete had put on the chimney. Dick had a close look at the shackles, pulled off his spectacles, polished them with his handkerchief and put them on again. “What is it, Dick?” asked Dorothea, who knew the signs. “Clue,” said Dick. “Let me just try.” He went ashore and stood on the bank opposite the Death and Glory’s chimney and leant out as if to touch it. Then he began searching the ground at his feet. “Here’s where he put them down,” he said. “You can see

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